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May 17, 2007

Local partition index

A local index does not enforce the partition elimination. Suppose there is a partition key CA in a table and local index is on (CB,CC). Even CA and CC are same type or same value, a query “select * from tableA where CC=? and CB =? ” wont be able to prune partition.

            INDEX SKIP SCAN 

You must somehow use the partition key in the query.

  • PARTITION RANGE ITERATOR: Executes child operations for each partition in the table specified by a range of partition keys
  • PARTITION RANGE SINGLE: Executes child operations for a single partition in the table Versions
  • PARTITION RANGE ALL: Executes child operations for each partition in the table
  • INDEX SKIP SCAN: allows the Oracle CBO to use a composite index even when the index prefix column in a SQL statement has been omitted.

beneath the silence

I imported a file containing a big partition table. The file only contains one partition.

After I entered the command, the process just hang there. After a while, database instance crashed due to one disk is full.
It turned out before Oracle imports the data, it firstly try to locate space for the table. Even I only imported one partition, it tried to locate the space for the whole table.
Because the datafile are autoextensible, it grew and grew and eventually fill up the disk.

I tried to export the table with rows=n and import the file, Oracle still tried to expand the space. Weird, I did not remember that happened before.

Silence kills.

Having not got time to re-test it, onel caveat learned from it:
  • do not turn datafiles autoextensible on when import a file

In another occation, it tookimport process 30 minutes to report that the import user does not exist. What is it doing ?

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