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March 17, 2009

logical standby failed to re–start

It only give the following error messages.

krvxerpt: Errors detected in process 52, role LOGICAL STANDBY COORDINATOR.
Tue Mar 17 10:00:05 2009
krvsqn2s: unhandled failure 604

This happened when you set logical standby to skip some schemas.

The workaround is documented in metalink 748208.1

set echo on 
set pagesize 100 
spool workaround.log 
select * from system.logstdby$skip; 
select distinct nvl(esc, 'NULL') from system.logstdby$skip; 
select * from system.logstdby$skip where esc is null; 
update system.logstdby$skip 
set esc = '\' 
where esc is NULL; 

-- Following should return no rows (due to update above) 
select * from system.logstdby$skip where esc is null; 
-- should no longer see any NULL in output 
select distinct nvl(esc, 'NULL') from system.logstdby$skip; 
-- Capture a snapshot of the final results 
select * from system.logstdby$skip; 

-- commit changes 

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