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November 14, 2006

UKOUG 2006 Day 1

I was a bit late for Tom Kyte’s keynote. He talked about some new features of Oracle 11g, which will go product round Christmas 2007. Features interested me are
  • interval partition (e.g, interval by month). DBA does not need to manually create partitions any more.( I just spend half day to create new partitions on my several databases last week)
  • gather statistics by columns.

Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture

Larry Carpenter, Senior principle product manager of Oracle, talked about Oracle standby databases. He focused on physical standby.
  • Tune redo transfer. Redo transfer can be 100 times more efficient by simply spcify several parameters (SDU = 32K, ....)

Effective Oracle monitoring system

Jurijs Velikanovs made a very good presentation about monitoring Oracle. He suggests:
  • Use Nagios to monitor server availability. My group is actually using it now.
  • Use Cacti to monitor Oracle server performance. It can generated a history graph to display various information, e.g, oracle locks, session memory. This is the kind of tools I have been looking for a while.
    I take a quick look at cacti this evening and it use Apache/PHP/MySQL (Not good, I am a Apache/Java/Oracle person). We use Ganglia to monitor unix system. Both Cactic and Ganglia use RRDtool for data storage and visualization. Not sure whether I can use Ganglia to achieve same effect as produced by Cactic.

Accountability for system performance

Six sigma : 99.9997%
He also mentioned DBAs are taughted to ignore waits like “SQL*NET message from client” wait. But did not give reason why not. Hope can have a chat with him.

  • I have attend conference for four years in a row. Every year I feel my English hearing is improving. Today I understood most part of the presentations.
    I also make mental note about the style of the presentation.
  • I was later to go back nursery to pick up Selina. Usually they charge £5 for each 10 minutes. I drove carefully but swiftly. Time is money now.

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