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November 09, 2006

Coach for Diversity between LSE and Warwick University

Today I had the last episode of my Coach for Diversity training sessions.
I wont detail the agenda . I think the most important thing is what I got from one day’s workshop. There is maybe a lot of things worth putting down, but in one years time, maybe only thing I can remember and that the every one thing will benefit me.

Different facilitator

This was the first change and it made huge difference. Not only it changed the course style from previous three sessions, but also he make me feel the course more attractive. The facilitator (Neil) was a lovely person, radiating with enthusiasm. He smiled the whole day and gave warm feedbacks to everyone. He also sat with us during dinner. He definitely outperformed some of the previous facilitators. It always good to have fresh style as well. Smart change from the organizer!

Excellent observer

We seperated into 6 trio groups. One lady from LSE and I coached each other for 15 minutes and there was one person (Gill) observe the coach process. She is experienced and gave me very accurate feedback. I initially feel the issue brought up by my coachee was too broader and struggled to narrow it down.
The feedbacks given by Gill and my coachee were:
  • I should ask expanding questions instead of close questions. Close question are those whose answer is yes or no
  • I was using GROW model and too busy too go through this cycle in my mind and cannot listen closely. Consequently I cannot ask appropriate questions. Relax!
  • Be sensitive about what’s going one under that surface. So instance if one tell you he is struggle with his new job and mentioned maybe he is perfectionist, you can grasp this and ask more about his perfection issue. (maybe the most useful tips today)


As a coach, you need know what’s your and your coachee’s personalit. You need to be flexible and willing to bend while know your boundary.

The facilitator 4 different criteria as follows:
Charismatic …............../...............................Quietly compelling
Individuality…............./................................Collective Identity

for every criteria, he asked people to stand at different ends, then he asked people questions at each end about why they think so.

It was interesting that people at different end kind of have a bit fighting over each and it is fascinating to notice that people at each end can be very confident.

Practise hearing
Neil asked one person talk without stop for 2 minutes, another person listens without interruption. Then listener repeats what he heard. The pair talk and listen in turn.
They have different kind of topics.
One topic is objective without emotion. Another topic is about one important person to you. Quite emotion.
Neil explained that topic with emotion can make listener easy to remember.

I found this listening practice is quite useful.

Further improvement
  • Warwick certificate mentor
  • Warwick coach scheme

Force Oracle primary DB to reset connection to logical standby

This morning the network between a hot-standby Oracle database was broken. After the connection was resume, the primary database still complained that it cannot connect to logical standby db.

ARC1: Attempting destination LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2 network reconnect (1041)
ARC1: Destination LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2 network reconnect abandoned
PING[ARC1]: Error 1041 when pinging standby

I can manually connect to standby db.
I have came across this problem before and believe that primary ARCH keep a persistent connection to standby and wont notice a broken connection was assumed.

Last time I was luck to get a chance to restart the primary db and fixed the problem.

I digged around metalink and found that it is a bug (Bug No. 5344954) and there is a workaround

 SQL> alter system set log_archive_dest_state_n=defer;
SQL> alter system set log_archive_dest_state_n=enable;

It then strikes me that I had done the same thing at another occasion and just forgot it.

Always good to take a note.

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