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February 07, 2006

Tags : jsp component

Create tag file:

Can use other tag libraries:

[%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %]
[%@ attribute name="label" type="java.lang.String" required="true" %]
[%@ attribute name="compulsory" type="java.lang.Boolean" required="true" %]



[c:when test="${compulsory}">${label}[span class="required_true"]*[/span][/c:when]



Import tag libraries:

<%@ taglib prefix="tags" tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags" %>

Use tag files:

[tags:inputTextField bindPath="" label="List label" compulsory="${true}"/]


Writing about web page

This is the only CSS acknowledge I need to know :)

  • Selectors: Any HTML element is a possible CSS1 selector
  • Contextual Selectors: P EM { }
  • Class selector : selectors.class i.e., p.right. the classes can be combined e.g class="classA, classB"
  • ID selector : i.e., p#right
  • Without the prefix selector, it will allow to any element
  • Contextual ID/Class : #form_properties table ??
  • Inherentence:
  • span.highlight {background–color–yellow} will only applied to span tags with a declard class attribute of hightlight.

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