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December 01, 2009

11g new features

Some new features might help developer:

1. Off load read to active data guard , set standby_max_data_delay = none. It throw exception if standby is not in sync with primary. SB can identify the exception and read data again from primary.

2. Flashback data archive can keep history data for weeks, months. Helpful audit_trail or editing history

3. Direct NFS

4. Make a table read only
5. Add a NOT NULL column with a default value much faster.

For DBA:

invisible index: Test drop index by making it invisible

bdump, cdump and udump is depreciated, but adump is kept.

color sql: let AWR caputre it even it not in top sql

rows are inserted uncompressed and in the routine way

alter index in_tab_01 rebuild online; No blocking at all

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