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Well hello there! If you didn’t know already, i’m Jason…for those of you who know who I am then theres probably not much that your going to learn from this little profile thing, but still here goes. I’m a first year at the mo, I study accouting and finance, although at the moment i’m not really considering becoming an accountant. I enjoy lots of things, outdoor sports such as walking and climbing, I love music in many forms, I suppose im a bit of an indie guy but I like loads of other stuff…I think somewhere else on this blog it’ll say my fav music. I’m also part of the Revelation Rock Gospel Choir which is immense, i’m currently the President so I probably have to say that, but its true, it seriously is awesome…and if you don’t believe me come along!!! Anyone is welcome :) I also enjoy my films (got quite a varied taste in films) and I enjoy the occasional drink here and there :P Anyways thats enough I think…

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