About me

By profession I am a linguist, teacher trainer & discourse analyst, with a wide range of work experience from secondary level to postgraduate level and from EAP to ESOL. I have recently completed my doctoral studies with a focus on Critical Discourse Analysis and Critical Pedagogy from the University of Warwick.

My research interests include critical discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, curriculum development and material design. I have recently designed some material for tertiary level to develop critical thinking skills among learners.

Theoretically, I view language as a practice that constructs, and is constructed by the ways language learners understand themselves, their social surroundings, their histories, and their possibilities for future. Such an approach to language acquisition investigates “the ways that social relationships are lived out in language and considers how issues of power are centrally important in developing critical language education pedagogies” (Norton & Toohey: 2004)[1].

I also believe that teaching methodology, texts and activities should not offer a cultural clash with the learners’ existing social knowledge of their own worlds. Curricula should enable students to make decisions about how learners’ own society is historically and socially constructed and also how existing social practices of their own set up are implicated in relation to inequalities, racism, sexism and other forms of oppression. In line with Canagarajah2 (2004) I view learners as social being rather than as bundle of psychological reflexes exposed to grammar. I believe that they bring social experience into the classroom and the learning process should consider this factor.

With this theoretical framework, I emphasize maximum interaction between students and teacher as well as among the students. I have learnt through my experience that the new knowledge built upon experience and ideas coming from students is more reliable and more effective. It gives them the ownership of their own learning process in addition to encouraging independent learning. Such a teaching methodology has to consider learners’ cultural background and their previous learning habits to facilitate the learning process.

In my personal life, I enjoy reading books on history, literature, religion and current affairs. I have a passion for Urdu language and literature. I am very much into travelling and visiting new places. I love meeting new people and getting to know various cultures. In fact my interest in travelling roots in my deep interest in cultures of the world. For the same reason, I incline to preserve and flourish cultures, rather than advocating globalization.


[1] Norton, B. & Toohey, K. 2004. Critical Pedagogies and Language Learning: an introductio . Cambridge: Cambridge University Pres.

[2] Canagarajah, S. 2004. ‘Subversive identities, pedagogical safe house, and critical learning’, In Norton, B. & Toohey, K. Critical pedagogies and language learning: an introduction. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.