January 12, 2007

Gala Concert

Gala Concert

Warwick University Gala Concert 2006 (22-06-2006)
Canon Powershot S2 IS
Lens Aperture: F/2.7
Shutter Speed: 1/3s
Focal Length: 6mm (36mm)
Exposure Compensation: +2
Spot Metering
No tripod!

Gala Concert Fireworks

Warwick University Gala Concert 2006 – Fireworks (22-06-2006)
Canon Powershot S2 IS
Lens Aperture: F/8
Shutter Speed: 2s
Focal Length: 6mm (36mm)
No tripod!

December 28, 2006

Need for Speed

Need For Speed

Rootes Lake (02–06–2006)
Canon Powershot S2 IS
A: F/3.5
T: 1/60
FL: 72mm (432mm)

December 27, 2006

Tight Rope Walker

Tight Rope Walker

Tocil (02–06–2006)
Canon Powershot S2 IS
A: F/4.0
T: 1/200
FL: 49.6mm (297.6mm)

Someone else who didn’t realise until afterwards that they were just caught on camera!

Diabolo Action

Sorry I didn’t put any photos up from my new camera when I promised! I’ll post some now. At this stage I was still getting used to the camera, so some of my early less staged shots were blurry. I was testing out the potential of using the zoom since I never had a zoom lens before. Here, it was useful for taking an action shot from quite a distance without anybody even realising.


Piazza (01–06–2006)
Canon Powershot S2 IS
Aperture (A):F/4
Shutter (T):1/500
Focal Length (FL):53.9mm (323.4mm)

November 29, 2006

Big Brother

I am now a (half) big brother!!! My dad and his wife had a baby boy on Monday 27th Nov, weighed in at 3.45kg. He will be called Ben! Theres almost 22 years difference between us!
Look how cute…

August 28, 2006

24 Hour Gaming TimeLapse

My housemate Jonny decided to go hardcore after his exams and put in 24 hours of World of Warcraft. Me and other housemates decided this needed to be documented so I set up my camera to timelapse him throught the night. Being aware of the camera there, Jonny ended up doing some random animation antics through the night! Watch for moving food, drinks, chairs going missing, appearing and disappearing objects… its actually quite funny for a video of some guy at a PC!


Google Video:

The raw video is actually beyond hi-def quality as it is at digital camera quality (per frame) but MS Movie Maker soon destroyed that, shame. I’ve also done a couple of other random timelapses which are cool but aren’t quite as legendary as JonnyCam!

Rain Drop

Rain Impact

Tile Hill (23–08–2006)
Canon Powershot S2 IS
Manual: A:F/3.5 T:1/500 ISO:400
Flash (Full Power), Auto White Balanced
Post Processing: Cropped, Auto Levels (Mono Contrast)

June 23, 2006


Writing about Finale from Nath's PhotoBlog

Nathan Barrow

Caught in the act!

June 10, 2006

Zoom Compare

Follow-up to New Camera! from -[ The Jarvism ]-

Right, My old camera was a Sony DSC-P32
This was fully automatic, no zoom other than digital zoom, but all this did was crop the image down so a full zoom in was actually a smaller image. Anybody can do that in photoshop! To compare, this made this image:

Old Camera

In comparison, my new Canon Powershot S2 IS did this:

New Normal

There are some differences in colour but thats probably due to the various different modes I have each camera on, and the fact I didnt give my new one much of a chance to auto–adjust. In terms of field of view you can see that the old camera is slightly more wider angle.

My new camera can ramp up to 12X optical zoom (without any other adapters) and an example of this is here:

New X12

After this there is a further 4X digital zoom (taking it up to 12×4= 48X zoom) however, digital zoom simply blows up the pixels so it looks rough and grainy but it gives you an idea of what 4X zoom is like.

New X48

Quite a few compact point and shoot cameras do have maybe about 4X optical zoom, an example is the Canon Powershot A610 which I have used and this is also quite impressive. I think any kind of zoom is better than no zoom since no zoom normally means you get a very wide shot with no option to focus your attention onto something you want to see the detail with.

Anyway, I shall eventually be putting up some of the photos I've been taking recently, so watch this space!

New Camera!

Writing about web page http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/Canon/canon_s2is.asp

Well, just over a month ago I got myself a new toy! A Canon Powershot S2 IS!

Canon Powershot S2 IS

I've been playing with it quite a bit recently and trying out some effects along with my friend Dave (who also has a new camera!) and Will with some random photography. Some of my photos will appear on the blog soon, but a load will also hopefully appear in the WSAF Photographic Exibition in Xanana Lounge and The Cooler!

I cant be bothered reviewing this camera, the link above has more than enough of a hardcore review! My comments though… ITS GREAT!

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