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September 24, 2005


Writing about web page

The good old copy and paste… I'm liking Dave's CSS design! Except for the lil glitch where the footer merges with the content on small posts… and where the image galleries break the fixed width…

Edit: I took off Dave's custom CSS now incase you hadn't noticed!

New Academic Year Resolutions

Time is running out… term time approaches… noooooo…
Luckily my timetable isnt as bad as in previous terms. Its a new year tho so I have a few new (academic) year resolutions. Very vague and general at the mo, but If I'm too specific, its harder to keep them. So… Make more money, Get fitter.

Get fitter meaning get in the gym mainly since cycling can only do so much for your body. And make more money being at least signing up to unitemps and WWS to see what happens. Also trying to sell random shite. I should also try and not spend as much on random crap. But we shall see.

This term I intend on doing me normal procedure of going to every lecture of every module and then ditching the ones I dont like after going to them all. Pointless? Not really since I'm exposing myself to the physics of the modules and still have a set of notes for them. Last year I sat through everything and binned hard modules. But one thing that was very clear to me was how much everything links into eachother. Many procedures and concepts were mirrored in other modules in other applications and it helped me understand since I could see likenesses. Thats why I do it. Plus, I dont have much better to do with my time between lectures so I might aswell sit through it all. Unlike maths, nothing clashes, so its possible to sit through it all. It's just going to be rather hard work. And, like a true nerd, I looked at the modules and most of them look interesting to me. So yeah, why not.

Other random things… my website is gonna get a new look, thanks to Laura mainly. I may even attempt to play with the CSS of blogs. This is all dependant on whether or not I can be arsed. Also wanna do a few modifications to the ventilation of my PC since it runs rather hot. Oh, and I also want to make more of an effort to keep my room tidy, and maybe even start to get some new clothes. I gave lots of old clothes to charity so thats a start.

Anyway, lets see how term 1 of 3 goes of year number 3 of 4…
Good luck all.

September 07, 2005

Back at Uni

Ohhh yeah, back at university in the off campus accomodation we had last year. Just me and Alex at the moment, the other 3 will move back in later. The house was just as we left it, and the garden has been done up nice.

I was disappointed about a few thing like how a faulty plug socket was just swapped with a blanking plate rather than actually fixed, and the overdue electrical installation safety inspection wasnt done even when I reminded them. The RCD Breaker was stuck on last year until we managed to unjam it, then the dodgy socket and the shower tripped out the breaker all the time. The shower was replaced but it was discovered it was very electrically unsafe, and we never realised because the breaker was stuck. God knows what else is wrong with this place so I was rather hope they wud do the inspection considering its due. Nevermind, I'll keep moaning about it to warwick accomodation.

Random foreign students who stayed over the summer were trying to sell their gear at claycroft yesterday. Unfortunately it wasn't advertised very well so we were virtually the only people to buy anything. Since we have no TV for reasons beyond our control, we managed to get a TV-PC converter so we can watch tv on a pc monitor. Alex got a printer and a webcam aswell, and I managed to acquire a full comfy gas lift reclining desk chair with arm rests. Total money spent: £19. Bonus. Today we are after another TV. Once everyone is back we may well have 4 televisions, 1 converted monitor, and 2 computers with TV cards. And yes, we have freeview (split so all the tv's work with it) so we have more channels then just terrestrial to make it more worth while!

Rigged up the network yesterday aswell in a slightly different arrangement and rearranged the lounge into a really decent for TV veiwing aswell. We put one of our 3 double sofas actually on the blocked up fireplace bit and supported the front with bricks. It hides the ugly blocked up fireplace, utilises the space better and allows all sofas to see the tv. Its apparently also better feng shui as Alex tells me.

Pete will be pleased to know that the network is now based in the lounge rather than my room so anyone can reset it if it locks up. The downside is that the table isnt as accessible and i'm not sure if the lounge door shuts with the broadband cable going under it. The cabling is also a bit messier in the lounge but its kinda hidden. We have also lost the use of the second cable modem, but it was only a backup anyway. My room has a gigabit network segment aswell :-D hmm speed.

We will be needing broadband and TV licence cash aswell, and we need to sort out electricity and gas suppliers. It looks like we may now may have more cyclists in the house so I'm thinking the shed or garden may get used now to store the bikes. This means we might need more back door/gate keys though. Thats only if ppl actually ride more tho and use the back. We shall see.

Oh, almost forgot… the washing machine is now making some really violent noises… so I dunno what we are gonna do about that. Maybe Jonny's Uncle or whoever gave it to us good look at it?

Anyway, It feels good to be back.

September 03, 2005

o0o0o custom CSS

We can now customised the appearance! I need to learn CSS now… Until I do, this may look shit. When I know what I'm doing.. it will still probably look shit.

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