September 19, 2007

Wastage on campus

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Havent you ever noticed how the IT Services header pages are totally pointless?? Why tell us how much credit we HAD before printing our current job? Its a waste of time and paper and ink. Also, have you ever noticed how computers seem to be left on 24/7? Its a bit excessive. Also, lights being on when the sunshine blasts in through the window. Or how about heating running while the windows are all open? WWWHHHYYY???

I now work in estates as a utilities technical assistant and the people I work with are keen to hear about unnecessary wastage on campus since we all ultimately want to stamp down our carbon footprint. I’ve mentioned a few of my own observations like these, as well as things like massive food wastage after a conference buffet lunch and tons of left over paper being binned and not recycled in some case.

Can you think of more incidents like these? Or other areas of wastage or inefficiency? DO YOU LEAVE YOUR SHIT TURNED ON ALL THE TIME??? Do you drive your car from campus to Tesco just to buy milk?? You lazy bastards. tut tut.

Why do people do these things and waste so much of everything? What criminal wastage have you seen happening out and about? What have you done about it or would like to see done about it? SPEAK TO ME!!

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  1. Haven’t you ever noticed how the IT Services header pages are totally pointless??

    I often thought that, but they’re not half as pointless as the page it prints when you’re out of credit that tells you you’re out of credit. You could sit there all day with no credit and use up all the paper and toner…

    20 Sep 2007, 00:34

  2. Mark: If i didn’t know better I’d think you were drunk when you wrote this.
    Everyone else: you think he’s rude on here? I have to live with him!

    20 Sep 2007, 06:25

  3. Andrew Maddison

    I semi understand the PCs in workareas being on all the time, but the PCs in the IT Services training suites are left on 24/7 when they’re never in use from late afternoon until at least the next morning (and never over the weekend, as far as I know).

    11 Oct 2007, 16:59

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