August 23, 2005

Hello to all the Mark Jarvis's in the world!!

Writing about web page

I got an email from a fellow Mark Jarvis from Dublin in Ohio USA today! A few months ago I got an email from an Australian aswell!
So on that note..

I’d like to say a BIG HELLO to all the Mark Jarvis’s in the world!

Keep punching our name into Google and you’ll keep finding this blog! Further down in the list you may even find,, Me on Facebook, Me on MySpace

If your name is Mark Jarvis, comment here maybe saying a little about yourself and we’ll see how much of a great name it is and how we are taking over the world!!! Saying that, there will probably only be 2 lol

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  1. Mark Jarvis

    I can't believe it dude!

    02 Sep 2005, 21:59

  2. Mark Jarvis

    Would you believe, another Mark Jarvis!

    Managed to get our amazing shared name into the press link and earn us some recognition that is well overdue. Soon we will be a house hold name heh heh heh!!

    11 Jan 2006, 16:18

  3. Mark Jarvis

    Hi. Another Mark Jarvis here, from Virginia, USA. There is also another Mark Jarvis here in Virginia who's running for the State House of Delegates, but that's not me – I'm over 20 years younger than that Mark Jarvis.

    I know of the Mark Jarvis that has been the VP of Marketing for the Oracle corporation.
    There's also a competitive pool player in the Central US named Mark Jarvis
    There's also a Mark Jarvis that races motorcycles in the UK and Europe.
    There's a Mark Jarvis in Russia, married to a lady named Irena.

    Have I missed anyone?

    08 Mar 2006, 18:15

  4. marc jarvis

    hi im anouther marc jarvis and i live in nz

    10 Apr 2006, 06:53

  5. Emma

    Hello! I am looking for an Australian Mark Jarvis – one who travelled in Thailand and Laos in 2000. You had a problem with your camera. I took some photos for you, sitting on a wall by the Mekong and riding an elephant…. I lost your contact details somewhere en route, but if you want the photos, they’re still in an envelope with your name on it!

    02 Feb 2007, 11:44

  6. Mark Jarvis

    (I’m the blog owner by the way!)

    Unforunately, I never kept the original emails from the first 2 people who contact me, the first of which was an Australian back in spring 2005. I hope he sees your message at some point!

    02 Feb 2007, 14:07

  7. Mark Jarvis

    My name is mark jarvis i live in Melbourne Australia. But you ppl r gay dont u have anything better to do?

    19 Feb 2007, 03:39

  8. Mark Jarvis (perth AU)

    Ha Ha Mark Jarvis’s kick ass. Hey emma that too crazy to be real. I traveled with my girlfriend to thialand and loas in 2000. Her name was laura price (ex but still a very cool chich)
    I meet people yet mem a little funky at times. Did we meet you sitting on wall in Loas?
    love to here back and hopefully see pics, can you scan them?

    06 Mar 2007, 19:11

  9. Mark Jarvis

    hay my name is mark jarvis to and I live in ottawa ontario

    09 Mar 2007, 23:49

  10. mark jarvis

    hi all, as you may have guessed my name is also mark jarvis and i live in bradford, england.

    24 Mar 2007, 20:24

  11. mark jarvis

    hey u will never guess i’m another mark jarvis and i’m from birmingham england hello to u all!!!!!!!1

    03 Apr 2007, 17:30

  12. Mark Jarvis

    Well, I am YAMJ (Yet Another Mark Jarvis). I come from Ottawa, Canada… in fact there is another Mark Jarvis who works two floors higher in my building… we are everywhere.

    12 Apr 2007, 20:19

  13. mark jarvis

    hi to all mark Jarvis’s world wide I am a 40 year old man from Rotherham England its good to know the greater jarvis family is flourishing around the world , who knows my long lost unknown cousins around the world may be amongst you .

    14 Apr 2007, 18:49

  14. Puneet Rampal

    I am not MJ for a change but am surely looking for one!!!!!! I am looking for the one who was last working for BALFOUR BEATTY E&M, HONGKONG . I need to get in touch with him, umm, yesterday. Anybody having any idea him please mail me or ask him to get in touch with me ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

    16 Apr 2007, 10:45

  15. Mark N Jarvis

    Hi, I’m THE Mark Jarvis.

    Emma, I was in Thailand in 2000, then onto Malaysia and Indonesia, but it wasn’t me as I’ve never been to Laos.

    Hi to all the Jarvos

    26 Apr 2007, 22:02

  16. Mark Jarvis

    (Blog owner)
    Thats amazing how you both found this blog!! Unfortunately neither of you left your email address!

    It might be worth saying that if you enter an email address in while leaving a comment, only I (blog owner) will see it, it does NOT become public. So fill it in, then I might be able to put people like Mark N Jarvis and Emma in contact!
    I could make a kind of Mark Jarvis directory…

    27 Apr 2007, 01:07

  17. Mark Jarvis

    Hi to all the Mark Jarvis’s around the world, from Mark Jarvis in Sydney.

    30 Apr 2007, 11:55

  18. Caroline

    ahh mr blog man…. or rather mr mark jravis you might want to give the Perth (au) mark jarvis emmas email as i actuly think that one is legitimate!

    p.s. i thing its really cool that you all have to same name!!!!

    01 May 2007, 07:22

  19. Mark Jarvis

    (Blog Owner)
    Unfortunately neither of them left their email addresses so I cant put them in contact! See comment 16

    01 May 2007, 08:36

  20. Mark Jarvis

    By the way do any other Mark Jarvis’s get nicknames? Mine are “Jarve” and “Jarvo”. From the Sydney Mark Jarvis.

    02 May 2007, 04:34

  21. Mark Jarvis

    (Blog Owner)
    I sometimes get called “The Jarve” or “Jarve” (spelt with or without the e) so I think we have that in common as well.

    02 May 2007, 09:45

  22. mark jarvis

    omgzzz im well mark jarvis
    not u

    14 May 2007, 12:21

  23. Mark Jarvis

    Thisis kinda bizzarre, I feel as htough someone is nicking my identity!

    Reply to Mark Jarvis- yeh I get the Jarve, The Jarve etc etc.

    I’m from Bradford England, I note there is another Mark Jarvis from bradford up the thread, did I met you in the parlez-vous club in Bradford about 4 years ago..???

    Madness :p

    I think we should start some kinda appreciation group for owning such an ace name.

    16 May 2007, 21:03

  24. mark jarvis

    Hey Marks

    I am the, seemingly, third Mark Jarvis in Ottawa – the one who works two floors above the other Mark Jarvis (see post 12). I work for Health Canada and am going back to do my phD in September at U Victoria in British Columbia. I often use Mark D Jarvis (esp professionally/for publications, becasue there are too many of us). My Mark Jarvis related nickanme is just ‘Jarvis’.

    I also knew of another Mark Jarvis at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario when I studied there. Not sure if he is the third Mark Jarvis here in Ottawa?

    30 May 2007, 15:09

  25. Mark Jarvis

    Hey, Mark Jarvis here from Vancouver BC, Canada 03/18/81

    07 Jun 2007, 21:07

  26. Mark

    Guess who!
    Anyone want to buy

    08 Jun 2007, 15:48

  27. Mark Jarvis

    Hey there another mark jarvis here from portsmouth england. Cant believe there are so many of us round the world.

    09 Jun 2007, 23:17

  28. inlove4mark

    i’m just in love for one mark jarvis that live in gillingham (kent). he’s really cute and sweet and i can’t get him out of my head even for a second…

    16 Jun 2007, 16:20

  29. Mark Jarvis

    Well heres another one, i’m from Sheffield England

    28 Jun 2007, 22:35

  30. mark jarvis

    yo im mark jarvis from england exeter

    14 Sep 2007, 11:14

  31. Daryle Taylor

    Hi I’m looking for a ‘Mark Jarvis’ that served with the Life Guards Band, and went to Kneller Hall in 1981.

    Thank you

    05 Nov 2007, 01:42

  32. Mark Jarvis

    Hi Guys

    I am also Mark Jarvis, originally from Wolverhampton UK. I travelled around the world with the Royal Navy and lived in Gibraltar from 1989 to 1992. Now residing in Swanley, Kent. I have also lived in Plymouth, Portsmouth and Fareham at various stages since 1979.

    My nickname has always been Jarv, Jarvy or Jarvo. Personally I prefer Jarv.

    29 Jan 2008, 11:01

  33. Marc Jarvis

    Hi to all the other Marc Jarvis’s . I am from Peterborough UK. and yes I get called Jarvo.

    01 Mar 2008, 21:17

  34. Mark E. Jarvis

    Hey, i’m Mark Jarvis from the Wirral, near Liverpool in England

    15 Mar 2008, 22:14


    Greetings From the caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago. Mark Jarvis is a kool name after all.

    19 Mar 2008, 21:27

  36. Mark Jarvis

    Hey – me too

    Originally from Amersham in the UK now living in CinC USA

    08 May 2008, 22:32

  37. Mark Jarvis

    Hi, another Mark Jarvis here from Port Talbot, Sout Wales, UK!

    15 Jul 2008, 19:31

  38. Tammy Wells-Angerer

    I am looking for a Mark Jarvis who went to Magdalen College, Oxford in 1996 and then on to Charing Cross and Westminster for Medical College.

    19 Jul 2008, 03:53

  39. marc jarvis

    hi im another marc jarvis (02/10/1986) im from just outside glasgow in scotland ! ive also got the nickname jarvie or jarv aswell !

    31 Jul 2008, 18:50

  40. Ira

    this is starting to feel like a science fiction movie … kinda spooky … like you guys might be getting together under the cover of night to create a MARK JARVIS ideal genotype
    any of you watch battlestar galactica ? where there are only 12 versions of CYLONS !!

    or plot 2: the “real” Mark Jarvis who runs this site (I consider the rest of you to be “imitations”) is now in a state of shock by what he has set in motion— like Count Frankenstein, he is bewildered by the power of his own creativity !!
    (and that’s the true reason he rarely posts, not that he’s extremely busy with work and biking)

    cheers! wish you all the best !!
    I’ve obviously just one jealous bloke ^^

    01 Aug 2008, 19:59

  41. mark jarvis

    hey another mark jarvis here from kiwi land new zealand, cmon us!!!

    06 Aug 2008, 23:59

  42. mark jarvis

    it mad i am a mark jarvis from england

    09 Oct 2008, 06:52

  43. Mark Jarvis

    It’s just unreal, I am Mark Jarvis from Harrogate and I now feel replenished in lifes mission knowing that so many other awesome Mark Jarvis’s are out there fighting the cause. If you aren’t Mark Jarvis then weep in the sad and very brash reality that you will have to spend your life knowing you have a sub-standard name. Great work Mark’s!!! My god it feels good don’t it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12 Jan 2009, 15:01

  44. Mark Jarvis

    My name is mark jarvis. I live in Mid-Wales but originally brought up in east London.

    Me and my brother are known collectively as the JarvII

    09 Feb 2009, 15:51

  45. racheeee

    i love a mr.mark jarvis cause he is completely perfect :)

    11 Mar 2009, 20:04

  46. suckurmum

    all mark jarvis are bastards. except my mate mark jarvis

    23 Oct 2009, 15:50

  47. mark a jarvis

    im Mark A Jarvis originally from alliance ohio 08-23-75 now residing in LASVEGAS

    30 Nov 2009, 05:36

  48. Mark Jarvis

    This is so cool. I never knew there were so many Mark Jarvises. I live in Edinburgh Scotland.

    13 Dec 2009, 21:10

  49. jim hewitson

    I had a very good mate many years ago in nz called mark jarvis he would be 60 today.
    First meet him near hamilton NZ then he moved in auckland. Last point of contact was in australia when he came to stay…then we heard no more from him. Would very much love to be in contact with him or anyone who may know him.

    Jim Hewitson

    06 Mar 2010, 01:25

  50. mark jarvis

    wow its so great to see so many other jarvis brothers,another mj here originally from watford uk,now in derby uk, just like the rest of u marks i thought i was the only one,lets see how many other jarv’s,jarvo’s or god’s as we are most commenly known lol are here on planet jarv…..
    how cool is our name ?
    hello to all of you

    31 Mar 2010, 00:43

  51. sacha

    HEY !

    12 May 2010, 12:48

  52. Strup

    Looking for an Australian Mark Jarvis. HE would be 50 or 51 (2010) and grew up in Wynnum. I am organising a reunion from our Cadet days 75-77. If you are lurking give me a message at


    13 May 2010, 05:46

  53. Mark Jarvin

    Am I excluded from the club? How much can one little letter matter?

    17 Sep 2010, 17:42






    04 Oct 2010, 22:57

  55. mark jarvis

    Alright jarvo’s , MJ from dartford Kent in England signing in. What a smashing bunch of blokes we are apart from the one who stole my identity and tried to kidnap rolf harris. Wow so many mark jarvis’ we should take over the world or at least start small with Switzerland and work our way up. Their army is only equiped with small knives so it should be a push over. Answers on a postcard. Good luck with being an mj and can you all stop following me. Much love

    31 Oct 2010, 11:46

  56. pongo

    Ive lost touch with a very important mark jarvis aka hector since returning from SA. Also known as the magical_mystical_marvelous_melv….. Please get in touch you bugger. Ill give you a pound. Pongs x

    07 Feb 2011, 08:44

  57. Marc Jarvis

    Hey to all thy brotheren. I am born and raised in Gresham Or USA. congrats on such a kick ass name. And yes i get called JARVO

    04 Nov 2011, 03:50

  58. M.J aka Hector

    Well well well, of all the web sites in the world you had to walk into mine Pongo. Still think about you every day.x

    17 Jan 2012, 09:45

  59. pongo

    Still think about you too Hec – every day & always – i do miss you – pongs x

    22 Feb 2012, 17:02

  60. pongo

    p.s. I appear to now owe you a whole english pound… bloody typical. lol x

    22 Feb 2012, 17:17

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  • p.s. I appear to now owe you a whole english pound… bloody typical. lol x by pongo on this entry
  • Still think about you too Hec every day & always i do miss you pongs x by pongo on this entry
  • Well well well, of all the web sites in the world you had to walk into mine Pongo. Still think about… by M.J aka Hector on this entry
  • Hey to all thy brotheren. I am born and raised in Gresham Or USA. congrats on such a kick ass name. … by Marc Jarvis on this entry
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