June 11, 2005

BHF Hearts First Bike Ride, London to Southend 2005

Writing about web page http://www.bhf.org.uk/sponsor/jarvism/

Right then people, I expect your support on this one!

On July 10th I'm cycling from London back to my hometown of Southend through south Essex. This is the 5th time I have done this in order to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. The actual route is 58 Miles long and details of the event (mainly how to take part) can be found HERE

This year for the first time, they have produced an online sponsor form making it even easier for people to donate to the charity. You can make a donation with any of the usual bank cards, and you can donate whatever you like, small or large, it all helps at the end of the day. If you wish to donate, please go to my online sponsor page and make a donation:


All contributions go to the BHF. I know of several friends and their family members and family members of my own who have suffered from heart attacks and heart disease and other heart related health problems, and if you think hard enough, I'm sure you can think of someone too.

The BHF is entirely charity based and funded by donations and events such as this, so please give generously.

If heart related health problems have effected you, or someone you know, or even if you just want to comment on fund raising events or anything, please feel free to comment. BUT, if you want to show your support, please donate!

Thank you.

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  1. i'll sponser you £20 this year hon

    11 Jun 2005, 13:50

  2. I'll sponsor you £5, which seems really cheap next to Helen's £20…

    11 Jun 2005, 13:57

  3. but i am the uber landlady

    11 Jun 2005, 13:59

  4. granger

    i would happily donate £6.72 on one condition…
    you use your next blog entry as a platform to tell the whole warwick world about our love.

    £6.72… the oyster is in your mouth mark. will you chew it?

    granger x

    11 Jun 2005, 15:05

  5. Mark Jarvis

    Please do not abuse the full public commenting rights on this blog. This is genuine fund raising for a serious charity cause. If you wish to show your support, please sponsor via the link provided.

    11 Jun 2005, 15:09

  6. granger

    offence has been caused, i apologise once more. if £6.72 mysteriously appears on that form you'd better at least dedicate a post to me. or, having said that, you could dedicate a part of your bike to me… maybe a brake lever, or a cog. i love the jarvism.

    11 Jun 2005, 19:26

  7. Mark Jarvis

    hmmm… maybe. Isn't the fact that I'm doing this ride enough for sponsorship? It's for a very worthy cause and saying you will donate and then won't is being a bit twatish considering its a charity. Anyway, I'm sure you can get a mention when I write a post of thanks. Your identity need not be revealed either, read the sponsorship web page!

    Come on and sponsor me! You dont need to put forward much, altho £6.72 is above the common value, and its a one off! Do a good deed, my opinions of you may rise! ;-)

    12 Jun 2005, 12:32

  8. go on granger, you don't even have to reveal your identity!

    12 Jun 2005, 13:44

  9. granger

    you are causing me immense trauma here.

    12 Jun 2005, 17:13

  10. mark'll get upset if you don't :p

    12 Jun 2005, 17:18

  11. Mark Jarvis

    You wouldn't want to see me upset with you would u?? :-(

    I'll be cycling on my own this year, Chris cant make it, BUT he was generous and sponsored me loads instead. Now thats legendary, that is the spirit of charity I like to see.

    If you are not going to take part in an event, at least sponsor those who are… I will feel ultimately alone if I feel like people are not supporting my efforts ;-( people like you granger…

    People like you make me want to cry… please sponsor me

    13 Jun 2005, 02:03

  12. Chris

    Hi I'm the one who can't make it this year unfortunally, but i can tell u now. Wot mark is doing is proper good and decent, its no easy task to take on hand. As he said i have sponsered him quite a bit this year to make up for my non presence. I'm sure all of who read this can make some sort of contribution to it. The cause is very worthy and the results that come out from the money raised in the bike ride are extremley good and are very useful to the ppl who need them most. So plz make a donation in the aid of mark taking on this task for a 5th year running and to help all the ppl who depend on the British Heart Foundation.

    14 Jun 2005, 23:47

  13. Renworth

    Le man with the highly fashionable sideburn and goatee set is very much correct.

    15 Jun 2005, 10:39

  14. Sektech

    southend is funny

    01 Aug 2005, 12:54

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