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March 31, 2005

Billeh beats the bottle

Billeh got into the world of drink rather successfully, possibly too successfully. As Peter Parker correctly observed in the last post, Billeh was indeed having sex with the bottle.

Billeh liked his drink so much that when it all ran out he could barely stand, sit or even lie down. He also was unable to see properly as we all know can happen when blind drunk, hence the term. He was so addicted to the bottle, that he would not realise what he was drinking. I'm sure this is another experience most of us can relate to. However, Billeh had this to the extreme.

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Sometimes alcoholics see the error in their ways when they hit rock bottom and find themselves in such desperate times and undergoing harsh experiences. For Billeh, this was it.

Extreme burping and farting which was wet and bubbly was on the cards for weeks afterwards. Coming out of an alcohol addiction can be difficult and often needs some kind of detox course, as with drugs. Fairy liquid is very good at detoxifying the entire body and giving it a good clean out, which is no surprise really.

The only bad thing about it was, it left a rather nasty taste in Billeh's mouth, worse even then alcoholic vomit.

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Billeh learnt his lesson, and he hopes that his bad experience will help prevent others from drinking excessively. Unfortunately, Mark and Dave, did not think this would do much.

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