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June 11, 2005

BHF Hearts First Bike Ride, London to Southend 2005

Writing about web page

Right then people, I expect your support on this one!

On July 10th I'm cycling from London back to my hometown of Southend through south Essex. This is the 5th time I have done this in order to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. The actual route is 58 Miles long and details of the event (mainly how to take part) can be found HERE

This year for the first time, they have produced an online sponsor form making it even easier for people to donate to the charity. You can make a donation with any of the usual bank cards, and you can donate whatever you like, small or large, it all helps at the end of the day. If you wish to donate, please go to my online sponsor page and make a donation:

All contributions go to the BHF. I know of several friends and their family members and family members of my own who have suffered from heart attacks and heart disease and other heart related health problems, and if you think hard enough, I'm sure you can think of someone too.

The BHF is entirely charity based and funded by donations and events such as this, so please give generously.

If heart related health problems have effected you, or someone you know, or even if you just want to comment on fund raising events or anything, please feel free to comment. BUT, if you want to show your support, please donate!

Thank you.

Boredem and Bandwagons

Ten random things about me

  1. I am bored
  2. I own 2 blowtorches, 2 soldering irons and 15 lighters but have never been burnt from any of them
  3. My hand span is exactly 9 inches (23cm)
  4. The University is 10 miles from where I was born, but I live ~140 Miles from the University
  5. My resting pulse rate is 50 bpm
  6. I collect gadgets and fiddle with everything
  7. I once ran over a cat with my bike and came off worse
  8. I completed Half-Life 2 in somewhere between 24 and 36 hours
  9. My peak flow meter reading is 586 liters per minute
  10. I am currently using 24 plug sockets (but 4 run the house network!)

Nine ways to win my heart

  1. Accept me for who I am, annoying characteristics aswell
  2. Don't try and control me
  3. Don't try and use me
  4. Honestly care about me
  5. Listen, including my ramblings
  6. Miss me
  7. Don't ask me if your "bum looks big in this" and be offended when I say "YES, ITS FUCKING HUGE"
  8. Feed me
  9. Fuck me
    (I was running out of things to say!)

Eight things I want to do before I die

  1. Own a Land Rover Defender 110
  2. Spend an obscene amount of money on gadgets in Japan
  3. Have kids, and make them appreciate gadgets and gizmology
  4. Experience weightlessness
  5. Have a Masters degree, and maybe even PhD or Doctorate or something like that
  6. Try Twin-Tower Catapulting – Like bungee jumping backwards where you sit inside a cage on the ground and you are accellerated upwards between 2 cranes and go from 0 to 250mph in about 1 second
  7. Fly a helicopter or aircraft myself
  8. Make a difference

Seven ways to piss me off

  1. Invade my personal space
  2. Try and control me, use me, or tell me what to do
  3. Be ignorant
  4. Be a townie/chav (or whatever), and stare at me while holding your crotch and ask me "wotcha lookin' at" – Or generally "give it" for no reason at all, whoever you are
  5. Forget that cyclists are road users as well and drive at 40+ mph 2ft from parked cars when my bike is 23 inches wide, and then turn left infront of me
  6. Hurt my closest friends and wonder why I am pissed off with you
  7. Break promises

Six things I beleive in

  1. Extreme stuff
  2. Love
  3. Karma
  4. Sutra
  5. I beleive I can fly
  6. I beleive I can touch the sky

Five things I'm afraid of

  1. Loneliness
  2. Failure
  3. Falling or burning to death
  4. Mingers streaking
  5. Sexual disfunction, but luckily, Mo told me he knows "everything there is to know about Viagra" so I'm not too concerned

Four favourite items in my room

  1. Laptop/Tablet PC
  2. Computer
  3. Sound system
  4. Photographs of my favourite people

Three things I do every day

  1. Breathe
  2. Eat
  3. Excrete

Two things I wish I could do right now

  1. Take a shotgun to Crazy frog's face
  2. Fast forward 10 years – no more exams by that time hopefully

One person I wish I could meet

  1. Gordon Bennet, Who is he???

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