October 20, 2010


Today is my first presentation in this course but I wasn't doing well... But I receive many help from my members especially from Yanik. My group members tried to let me feel comfortable and give me more confidence. We practice together and other members provide some suggestions for making presentation better!! We are always high five together when every time we finished one presentation!! I like this "lovely" team!!

Yunki likes a leader to organize this team avoid out of control...!!!!only sometimes XDDD

Ponthy like a knowledge library!!! He such as knows anything and can explain very well!

Surya is a really funny guy!!!! He is always out of state. His nickname is professor, Surya. When Pothy and Surya they told together they look like a group, a comic group XDDD There are many funny jokes between Ponthy and Surya.

Yuting is a good and sweet friend, we always have lunch together and talk a lot. We try to discover new lunch meal! We are a lovely and funny team! haha!! I am looking forward this weekend ; ) I think everyone is the same as me!!!

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