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March 01, 2009

I hate Latin

Mea culpa, tis twenty years since my last confession. Here I am again, sounding off about how much I hate Latin.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, choosing to take LATIN LITERARY TEXTS as part of my degree here at Warwick. I've got the A Level, I've been jogging along to Latin evening classes for years, and the module is aimed at First Years (albeit A* Latin students) so how hard could it be??

Well, bloody hard, is my rueful answer.

There's no way I'm going to pass. Not without a miracle. It's 100% examined and we've recently had a mock test - which I missed, due to the snow - but when I saw the paper afterwards, I knew there was no way. NO WAY!

Now we have a grammar test next week. And I just know I'm going to make a complete and utter eejit of myself in there. Future Participle Passive ... say what? Ablative of I-haven't-a-clue?

This is going to be so embarrassing. Plus I'll have wasted my time and money when I fail the exam next term. And I won't be any closer getting my degree.

Even then, I wouldn't be too depressed about the dreaded Latin if we weren't doing the Faery Queen over on the other channel (i.e. the English side of my degree) which I also hate. Frankly, I wish Edmund Spenser had choked on his quill shortly after writing the first stanza and died, leaving the rest of its gargantuan bulk unwritten.

This term has been pretty dismal so far. Is it really possible that 'things can only get better'?

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