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September 28, 2008

Fresh Faeries

Heading down to the Freshers' Fair later today - via PC World for a new set of wireless headphones, as the last pair has recently died and gone to headphone heaven - and to wander about campus looking suitably Fresh.

If anyone reading this is doing English in some form, and going to the Faculty meeting tomorrow at 2pm in the Ramphal Building, I'll be the one who's horribly late, or in the wrong room, or doing something I shouldn't. Like abandoning The Faerie Queen in the nearest wastepaper bin.

No, I'm only joking. Judging by the first page, The Faerie Queen is going to be a thrilling read; I can hardly wait. Though there's also a great deal to be said in defence of the short lyric - emphasis on the word short - of the sort that came to us from Petrarch via Wyatt etc. And not least because those poems can be read in a weekend.

September 25, 2008

Signing On

I've just finished my enrolment tonight, got my NUS card with a picture of me looking a bit the worse for drinking wine for forty minutes in the queue, taken almost my entire quota of books out from the library, and am now starting my Warwick blog.

Freshers' Fair this weekend. My daughter wants me to sneak her into the Freshers' Ball (she's 18 and a crazed fan of Pendulum). But I don't even know if I'll be going myself. I mean, a girl's gotta study, right?

Term starts Monday. Full steam ahead!

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