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October 07, 2005

Time study result

I've recorded how i've spent every minute of this week to check my efficiency. I'm conscious that there is a lot to be squeezed in to this course and I sometimes come home feeling really unsatisfied with my work that day. I went into this study thinking that my time management was ok and I realised that it was actually pretty good. I am known for being efficient and planning time well amongst my friends. However, I want to improve further and be a fantastic manager of time! I don't think that this is a choice as I spend two hours trvelling each day to and from Leamington. The bus doesn't take an hour each way but I have to count the time standing waiting at the bus stop (and cursing at the timetable) as well the journey to and from the bus stop to where I need to be.

I realise that I can do more of the things that I want to do and that meeting with friends for a coffee isn't something that should be deleted from my day. This makes me happy as this is real quality time…sharpening the saw.

I think my main aim is 'efficiency' of time rather than maximising time for work, as the latter adds to my stress when taken too far.

So, some solutions for myself:

  • Jez suggested finding some audio books relavent to the course and listening to them on the bus. It sounds like a fantastic idea so i'm going to have a look. I don't suppose anyone has Deming on CD ?!?
  • I think I need to stop and think about all the tricks I used last year as I haven't needed to use them over the summer. I will make sure I plan and try not to repeat the same mistake if the plan turns out to unrealistic.
  • After the ISO presentations today I began to think about they type of learner that I was. I tend to think very much in lists i.e. a very logical structure. Team 1 presented their ideas using a mindmap and I have decided to experiment with mind maps as a tool for recording ideas. I don't think that it will work for me in every situation but I am willing to give it a go.
  • Write down all the questions I need to ask to be able to understand a topic. Undoubtedly, answers will lead to further questions. This will help me to focus my ideas and stop off-topic drift, which will save time and help me to keep my work-time productive.
  • Take time to plan: Thinking about what work needs to be completed each week will enable me to focus on what I need to do and not worry about what i'm not doing. At the moment I have my diary, a weekly planner, various lists in different notepads (I am a serious list writer). I need to consolidate…

Will report back in a few weeks.

September 30, 2005

This week…

…has been a little different! The learning process is completely new to me but I have a really good feeling about it. I'm going to take it slowly this weekend and process my feelings about this week and plan for the next.

It's weird being sans notes. I associate learning with taking notes. Indeed, the best way of learning (for me) is to make notes. I like the distinction between 'learning' and 'learning how to learn'...

The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn; the one who has learned how to adapt and change; the one who has realized that no knowledge is secure, that only the process of seeking knowledge gives a basis for security. Changingness, a reliance on process rather than upon static knowledge, is the only thing that makes any sense as a goal for education in the modern world.
Carl Rogers

The above is mercilessly ripped from the EEE website. Forgive me for not using the Harvard System :-P

Time management is the buzz-word and Iím going to take a more structured approach to it rather than just using my diary. A week planner is a fantastic idea. Saturday will be my planning day as Sunday is written off with rugby matches (and rugby planning). EEE and OLRFC are separate parts of my life at the moment. They've got their own spots in my diary which shouldn't change throughout the year so that should be sorted.

It's easy to ask lots of questions about the course and what will happen but I think that it is better for me to slow down and go with it. I feel that on this stream it is better to do that than to over-analyse at the start. So the plan for the weekend:

  • Relax (and most importantly spend some quality time with the wife)
  • Focus my mind on what is required of me for this module
  • Plan for the following week

Mental preparation is just as essential as time planning. It's important to think about what will be required so that it doesn't all come as a big surprise when you're into the time you've allocated to it.

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