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September 30, 2005

Team Work

The EEE stream have just completed a team building exercise this morning. I took the lead in this exercise because I didn't feel anyone was going to say anything at all.

I don't want to be the person to lead in every situation. I'm quite happy taking a back seat but I don't want to feel like i'm expected to lead the team every time. What do I mean by 'expected'? Like no one else is going to step up to the mark. I enjoy leading but only tend to do so when the situation requires it and it seemed to me like the situation required it today. There's still a little nervousness around but i'm confident that will dissapate as we process this week and begin some work on Monday.

I find myself annoyed with myself because I didn't 'lead' this group as I normally would have done. I am typically an 'ask questions and get everyone involved' person but today I was more directive than I would ordinarily be. I understand that different leadership styles are required in different situations but if I were to do the session again I would do it in a different way. I suppose I was lost in the moment a little and didn't take a step back and think about it a little. A lesson learned.

As I may have mentioned above, it was very enjoyable, and despite the dodgy design, our giraffe came in at 2.17m partly due to a fabulously realistic tail. To be honest, the design sucked and we needed to spend a little more time working on it before we launched in. It reminded me of Prof Bob Johnston (WBS) who was my SOM lecturer last year:

6 Ps: Proper Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance

I'm sure that it is a well known phrase but it really hit home with me today. I'm not sure what we're going to do when the robust design module comes around.

Paul was right in saying that everyone sould grasp the opportunity when it comes along, in a similar way to doing presentations. I would really encourage everyone to have a go at doing things you're not confident with. At the beginning of my ug degree I detested giving presentations but after forcing myself to do it time after time (and working out what worked and what didn't) i'm more confident and am willing to give it a whirl (technical term btw) at any time. That doesn't mean that i'm any good at it (haha!). It's about conquering a fear of not getting it right all the time. And if you know you're not perfect then how can anyone improve without doing?

I'll probably post more on this next week after my thoughts have had time to simmer.

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