December 19, 2005

Undermining Marriage

Follow-up to Civil Partnership Act from Jane's Blog

What the Government should do in terms of public policy is support marriage rather than undermine it…to put beside marriage an alternative or what appears to be a perfectly approved legal alternative lifestyle I think does not help the institution of marriage at all – Most Rev Peter Smith (Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cardiff)

Why do civil partnerships undermine marriage? Why does the institution of marriage need 'helping'? How can the government 'help' the institution of marriage through public policy? What is 'helping' marriage anyway? Are civil partnerships really an alternative to marriage as there is no choice between the two?

I'm really not getting it…

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  1. Lee Davis

    Simple they dont like homosexuality.

    Maybe they think that everyone must want to get married so by only allowing straight couples to get Married means all the gay people will realise the error of their ways and turn straight.

    Of course the church is also against promiscuity so actually the should be supporting civil partnerships. Oh and since it will mean that gay couples will have more rights then than unmarried couples, it might encourage them get married. Though the latter argument would then also result in more divorces, thus undermining the institute of marriage. So what they should do is allow civil partnerships for straight couples, which would of course then undermine marriage.

    Hmmm, I started this off thinking they were just being prejudiced and ended up almost persuading myself that actually they have a point. Except I think these days most people already treat marriage more as a legal means of convenience than the lifelong commitment the church would still like to encourage.

    19 Dec 2005, 23:27

  2. I get the 'not liking homosexuality' thing. It seems that it comes back to the number of divorces. Divorce undermines marriage, so ban divorce. Ha ha! Simple.

    20 Dec 2005, 13:27

  3. if government and church ban homosexual people getting married, will they really turn back to straigth? if you forbid me to eat my chinese food does it mean I will turn to eat french food completely? I doubt it.

    banning married is not a real solution, and everyone should have his/her right to get married with the one he/she loves. If the God says he loves everyone, and this love is selfishness, why bother homosexual love or straight love? how to distinguish love? how to judge , or define love? there is only love, and not love in this world, that's all.

    12 Jan 2006, 06:07

  4. sorry, if this love is selfishless….wrong spelling,

    12 Jan 2006, 06:08

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