September 29, 2005

Likes and dislikes

Writing about web page

I like sitting on the sofa on a Saturday night with a bottle of port and nice cheese. I dislike bars and clubs. The exception to this is meeting with friends after work in a bar. This can be fun. So, well, yeah, the list…

I like:

  • Playing rugby
  • Being curious and asking questions
  • Reading

I dislike:

  • People who don't pull their weight
  • People who try and BS me (including most politicians)
  • MSN Messenger (due to its intrusive nature).

In fact, lets expand this last one to include those pieces of technology which cease to become tools and start to dictate our lives.

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  1. what is BS?

    I do like MSN _!!

    12 Jan 2006, 06:15

  2. BS is a shortening of bullshit. And MSN Messenger is one of the most intrusive programs ever created.
    It's just so easy to spend a long time talking to people – the ultimate procrastination technique. I deleted it about 2 years ago. Do you not find it frustrating when people who you don't really want to talk to ask you for your messenger ID? And then they pester you at the most awkward times and you can't block them because they'd know about it and you don't want to offend them. It's a whole different set of etiquette that is JUST SO pointless. You just KNOW when someone is having three different conversations at the same time, which irritates me. So I e-mail, of if absolutely neceessary, call them to arrange to talk face to face. The best way to communicate.

    12 Jan 2006, 10:20

  3. oh! well, I only add people who are familiar with, most of all, my friends live in china and over the world, MSN is the cheapest and easier tool to communicate. also me and my flatmates could use MSN to transfer movies, even quicker than USB cable transfer. me and my fiance meet every night online, me and my friend in china chat sometimes online, in order I still know something in china.

    I think if you need to contact people in distance, MSN is useful. but if you just have lots of time and dont know how to spend, I suggest other methods.

    Emails are good too, me and my Mom email each other every 2 days, and I call her every weekend.

    16 Jan 2006, 16:43

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