January 26, 2011

So on it

I appologise for the awful title of this post.

Anyway, I have a cunnung plan. I'll post this up before the seminar so that if I wake up late and forget to bring the physical copy again in my rush (as I did this week) I can just get Dan or someone else with a computer to fire it up.

I went for the Bill Shakes style of sonnet because basically it's easiest. Less stuff has to rhyme with other stuff.

'At sunrise we'll all dance the hempen jig'
- A line stolen from an Alestorm song,
A crime that may to some seem appauling,
But I'm not that good when I aint got long.
But giz time motherfuckers and I'll knit
A poem of my own, scented like lime,
Full of gratuitous swearing and shit,
And nonsense concepts just to make it rhyme.
But plagerism's just so easy when
In class tasks you never mean to publish
If no-one minds some more blatant theft then
In the manner I started I'll finish:
'Look in my eyes and it's easy to see
One and one make two, two and one make three!'

Shitty, I know.

And now, in MLA style, the refrencing-
Alestorm. Captain Morgan's Revenge. Napalm, 2008.
Tenacious D. Tenacious D. Epic, 2001.

(MLA only makes you refrence albums, not songs. The songs were Captain Morgan's Revenge (Alestorm) and Tribute (Tenacious D))

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  1. Polly Brown

    You spelt appalling wrong :(.

    I recognised all the stolen references.

    It is a good, modern sonnet.

    Keep it ‘till the grave.

    30 Jan 2011, 15:44

  2. Louis Bond


    31 Jan 2011, 22:35

  3. Charlotte Dart

    Dammit Louis that was EXACTLY what I was going to do.

    01 Feb 2011, 10:46

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