November 17, 2010

Multiple viewpoints Task

This is a continuation of the last thing, the tasks set for class. This one's long though which is why it's got its own.

Multiple Viewpoint Exercise

Look at him, sitting there. How can he chew so noisily? Wait; he’s talking now. Swallow first you prick. And God! His voice is so nasal, so annoying. What’s he saying? Something about golf. God, I don’t give a shit. Golf’s like the most boring sport ever. Woah! Where’s that come from?! That was racist, and not even casually. Man, look at his chin wobble. Actually don’t, that’s making me feel ill. Why shouldn’t I tell him? Why shouldn’t I tell him what a bigoted, boring, self-inflated cunt he is? Oh yeah, because he’d fire me. That’s why.

God, it felt like I was there hours, watching that fat cunt’s gelatinous chin wobble as he ate. And the way he ate! He chewed so noisily, and spoke with his mouth full. It was bad enough that he spoke at all, considering the crap that came out his gob (and I don’t mean the food). Everything he said was either about golf or immigration. And his voice! It’s so nasal and annoying. Imagine a wasp flying close to the mouthpiece of a megaphone. I almost told him how boorish and bigoted he was, but I remembered he was my boss and held my tongue.

Do you know how nasty it was, hearing you chew so noisily, watching you chew with your mouth open. Fucking swallow first, it’s disgusting. Or maybe just don’t talk at all; your voice is so annoying and nasal. God, I nearly told you what a fat, bigoted prick you are; and how I don’t give a shit about golf, but I remembered you’re my boss and so I didn’t.

Two men, and employee and his boss, sit at a table, somewhere about the middle of the restaurant. One, the younger and thinner, is aggravated at the other but he tries to hide it. Fortunately the older, fatter gentleman – evidently the boss – doesn’t realise and just drones on nasally, talking in pars and prejudices. This disagrees with the young man as he is now visibly struggling to bite his tongue. Fortuitously for him, he succeeds.

{Waiter} You get all sorts in here. These two were evidently a boss and his employee, from the way the older called the younger ‘Perkins’. A very old fashioned boss, it seemed from him addressing his employee by his surname, and old fashioned in his views too. The things he said! Perkins clearly didn’t approve either, I could see his jaw clenching and his eyes narrow, so pissed off he was it took physical effort to stop himself speaking out. Luckily the fat controller didn’t notice and just kept droning on, about golf among other things, in a really grating, nasal voice.

{Elderly Japanese Businessman} I had such a hard time ordering! Seeing as I am here on business and was thus dining alone, I indulged in some people watching. A table towards the centre was most interesting. A large gentleman sat with a younger, thinner one. The older spoke in a voice most adenoidal. Whether it was this alone which aggravated the younger gent – for aggravated he was most definitely, though he tried to hide it the mastery of his emotions over his body was evident – or whether it was what he was saying or some mannerism of the elders I could not see from where I sat or – most likely – some combination of all three, I could not tell. However, I believe to have deduced – though I am not complete in my certainty – that the more aged man was the employer of the younger, in so far as I believe ‘Perkins’, by which he called the younger, to be a family name and not a first.

As I peered into the restaurant to see if they had any spaces free, one table caught my eye. Two opposites sat together, and old and fat and a young and… well not thin as such but not fat. There was clearly some kind of power-relationship here – The young was subordinate, he was clearly pissed off and not hiding it well, yet he didn’t do anything. I couldn’t hear them, but I figure it was a boss and an employee after a promotion; or maybe an elderly uncle and a nephew who’s after inheritance.

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