November 17, 2011

First entry on Leading a Group Project

I'll be updating my blog as part of the Warwick Skills Portfolio Award. Yesterday I took part in P8: Leading a Group Project.

Tutor: Mary Sage

Date of workshop:16/11/2011

The workshop included discussion of what is meant by a project. A project could be defined as an undertaking involving multiple tasks, with an overall aim.

We considered the functions taken on by leader and created group posters based on this. Points included accountability for the success of a team and responsibility of leading the team to complete tasks by deadlines.

We also discussed good and bad characteristics of a leader. Positive characteristics include good organisation skills and ability to resolve conflicts. Negative characteristics include being bad at delegation and bad at resolving conflicts.

Leadership styles can be classified into three distinct types: authoritarian, participative and delegative. Advantages of authoritarian stles include being able to start tasks much quicker, and having less oportunities for conflicts between group members. Disadvantages include difficulties with motivating group members. Advantages of participative include having consideration for the group members' ideas and having more motivation. Disadvantages include the slower decision-making time and possible arguements. Delegative benefits from having a greater perspective, with less workload on the project leader. Disadvantages may arise from less coordination and incompatible personalities.

At each stage, we presented to the rest of the group.

My leadership strengths include ability to communicate clearly and have my say, confidence to make contributions and sticking to deadlines. My weaknesses might include difficulty when there are conflicts in my team, and getting less productive team members to pull their weight.

Action points

1. I aim to get involved in a group project, either academic or otherwise, before the end of the year. This will enable me to gain experience in working within a team and provide me with opportunities to make leadership decisions. I will achieve this first step by checking noticeboards and forums for opportunities.

2. I aim to take a proactive role in any group tasks or teamwork events that I encounter, by providing input at each stage of the task/project, and will reflect on my success before the start of next academic term.

3. I aim to take the first steps towards an executive role within a society at Warwick, by being regularly involved in at least one society, and making myself known as an active contributor. I will again reflect on my success before the start of next term.

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  1. Mary Sage

    you have given a good overview of the session, but n ot so much detail on your action points. I would like to see much “SMARTER” action points, which really set very sepcific objectives within a clear tilme frame. What you have written so far is far too general and non-specific. So, for example, I’d like to hear what steps you have taken to volunteer for a leadership role.

    29 Nov 2011, 18:21

  2. Jamie Smith

    I have updated my action points to be more SMART.

    30 Nov 2011, 17:35

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