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December 15, 2008

A weird dream last night

I had a strange dream last night; or rather, I had a dream in which a strange thing happened.  I was laying in the drifting borderland between sleep and waking, at around 6am on the night after a party.  Now at this party there had been many drinks, and of those drinks, several had ended up in me.  And of the painkillers I had thought to pack to bring with me to the party, there was no sign.  All these facts together left me in the possession of a rather pounding headache.  Oh, it was steaming!  Oh, it was rotten!  Thump, heave, thump, heave: with every beat of my heart and every turning of my sick stomache, the pain shot through my brow.  And this pain was a shame, because the sleep I had been enveloped in for the previous few hours was sweet, so warm, so hazy, so safe, and now this damn headache was keeping me back, battering away my attempts at rejoining the land of sleep.  But I tried and I tried
and I cleared my mind
and I counted to three
and I went for a wee
and I lay back
and then instead
of this room I was standing in another, next to someone else, a friend of mine.  And I knew his head was hurting.  And I put out my hand and rubbed his head with it
(exactly where the pain was, which was something I knew precicsely, and without having to be told)
and at that moment the pain in my head vanished to.

And I went back to sound sleep.

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