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June 24, 2005


Algebra 1: 81 (predicted 70)
Analysis 3: 85 (predicted 60–65)
Vector Analysis: 67 (predicted 65–70)
Algebra 2: 73 (predicted 70–75)
Differentiation: 67 (predicted 65–70)
Metric Spaces: 74 (predicted 70)
Applied Analysis: 62 (predicted 45–50)
Essay: 67 (predicted 60–65)
Mod Nat: 66 (predicted 55–60)
MP 2: 78 (predicted 70–75)
Acc/ fin: 60 (predicted 70–75)
Math Stat A: 57 (confirmed)

Seymour average of 76.7

Just gutted that some of my friends didn't get the results they deserved

June 18, 2005

More of the same please

Australia embarrassed by Bangladesh, lets hope their form continues for the rest of the summer and that this is a familier sight…

June 07, 2005

Day 2

Follow-up to Week of doom: Day 1 from Jimmy's Blog


The worst two exams are now both out of the way, and despite the fact that my applied analysis mark will be challenging my worst ever mark in any exam ever, I actually feel really pleased about how today went. Diff probably went about as well as I could have expected it to, and my aim for applied analysis was simply to pass, which I think I might have just managed… (please!)

I've now got exams thursday afternoon, friday morning and afternoon, and finally saturday morning. Hang on, that doesn't really leave much room for revision… eek. Anyway, I don't care, i'm taking a break tonight I think. All that work for today has really fried my brain!

I did start thinking during this afternoons exam, do the lecturers check through all the blank pages of exam scripts just in case you've written something? I was quite tempted to put a huge BOO! on one of the later pages. I actually had to stop myself laughing at this thought in the exam.. Not good. I think i've been revising for too long!!

Finally, my camera should be with me by thursday. Yay.

June 06, 2005

Week of doom: Day 1

'That was a negative, and right now I need TWO positives, you know, one to cancel out the negative, and another one, just so that I can have a positive..'

Ok, this week I have 6 lovely exams, starting tomorrow, finishing saturday. Luckily the worst two are both out of the way tomorrow. I say luckily, but this does of course mean that I have 2 evil exams on the same day :(

Anyway, despite all of this, and a complete lack of motivation yesterday, the week has already started prettty well. This morning I have ordered my new digital camera. Canon Ixus 40 for, and this is the best bit, £20.75!!! Admittedly this is because it's from the insurance people after my old camera had an accident, but considering that one was only insured for £100, means that getting a £200 camera and only having to pay my excess is a bit of a bargain :)

Another positive will be a certain announcement at Ashton Gate in about 10 mins…. :D

I think this morning could well be the highest point of the week until 11.30 saturday

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