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May 31, 2005

All eyes on the 7th…..

Was going to write a long entry on my exams, but i'm too lazy.

Algebra II was pretty good, confident that this will be one of the better ones this year.
Now I can fully focus on next week, 6 exams, 5 days… First up Applied Analysis and Differentiation on the same day!! aaaarrggghhh!

Despite this, i'm not doing any work tonight. Top gear and the football for me. :)

May 25, 2005

Revision sucks…

especially today.

May 22, 2005

Only 100 minutes….

…to wait until Top Gear returns.


May 12, 2005


I have 3 seperate sources of notes for my revision of Algebra 2. The notes I made myself during lectures, although these probably have a stupid amount of errors and gaps because half the time we couldn't read a work that was being written, then there is the set of printed notes for the course, and the revision guide. Great. Surely from these three there must be more than enough material to be able to work out exactly what is going on…

Wrong. The problem is that all three seem to be telling me different things!! Some of the time it is obvious which is right, ie when my notes say A=>B, when it's clearly the other way round, but there are other times when i've got no idea what he was trying to do. It doesn't help also that all three sets of notes are in a different order, so the challenge half the time is working out which bits of the notes correspond to each other!! It's all getting a bit confusing.

On a brighter note, i'm going to have a look at applied analysis tomorrow…....

May 11, 2005


Paper cuts, or plastic cuts, or whatever it was that cut my finger so, bloody hurts.


May 10, 2005

The feud is over!!

At the end of last summer I made a new acquaintance. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

We've spent hours together, just messing about, especially when I have work to be doing. I've taken them all over the place with me, and from time to time they can even help me with my work. Although more often than not, as hard as they try not to, they just end up distracting me :) In short, we've had a great time together.

There was a problem however. You see, before I met this new friend, there this another friend. With whom I had always played around with long before this new friend. I hadn't ever really taken them anywhere, however, as they unfortunately just didn't have the mobility to travel, but we'd spend many happy time-wasting hours just sitting in my room.

So when this new friend came along, I desperately wanted the two of them to be friends ,to get along and share everything with each other. I knew that they could be compatible, despite what others might have thought. Unfortunately, after a brief conversation on their first meeting, it all went downhill. They would refuse to talk, and even refused to believe that the other even existed.

For a while I didn't even attempt to patch things up, but then today, I thought i'd give it another go. I sat them both down together, and after a great deal of trying I got them to accept the existance of each other. Shortly after this, with a little more effort I got them talking, and finally, they are both ready to share things with each other!! YES!!

Yes that's right. I've finally managed to work out how to transfer files etc between my lovely iBook and my PC :) When I first bought my iBook I had this grand plan that I would be moving files backwards and forwards between the two (They're more compatible than you might think!)
I managed to see my PC on my mac the vey first time I hooked them up, and transfered some stuff over, but since then i've failed to remember how I did it, and had not been able to see it since. Likewise on my PC I had even less luck in finding my mac, so hadn't been able to transfer the other way (not that I had much need back then!)
However, in my escape from revision, I hooked them up again, and i've finally managed to view both from the other machine, and transfer files like there's no tomorrow!! Woo!

Now I can finally watch anything that I downloaded to my PC in halls last year on my laptop without having to worry about fitting it onto a CD!! It also means that I can create some free space on my poor PC to get it to clean itself up a bit!

Cheers Tony!!

Follow-up to Gah, 'On hold' from Jimmy's Blog

What's this? A customer sales person who actually knows what he is talking about???!

Seing as I am completely unmotivated towards revision today, i'm sorting out some bits and pices that have been waiting for ages:

  • Camera (see previous enry) seems that the reason nothing was happening was because the idiot I made my claim to didn't actually record it! And they wonder why customer sales people have a bad reputation…...

  • Phone tariff. I've been meaning to change my plan to an anytime one for months so that I no longer avoid calling people during peak times, and finally did today. The O2 guy, Tony, was amazing! He actually knew what was going on, answered some of my stupid questions, and explained everything brilliantly. So as long as he actually puts it into his computer correctly, it should all be sorted! :)

Now all I have to do is get on and sort out my passport for my escape from the country at the end of term….

Gah, 'On hold'

Currently trying to get hold of Endsleigh after they apparently haven't passed on the details of my claim on my camera, and i'm on hold….. currently listening to S-club 7, hang on, make that Ronan Keating… woo…

Just got through, but within a minute, back on hold….........


May 09, 2005

I must be bored..

I've just noticed that a bit of bad code in an entry can change everything in the page underneath it.. So if I wanted to I could make everything after this word bold! (Annoying huh?)

I'll change it back in a bit, i promise

Edit: looks like someone up there didn't like me doing that…
It's changed now


I've just run out of chocolate biscuits..

I need chocolate biscuits.

This is not good news for my revision.

What am I going to do?!!!

P.S. I'm too lazy to go to the shop and get some more today

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