April 14, 2005

The answer to your prayers..

Worried about exams?

Not sure who to vote for?

These guys have the answer*!!
*albeit probably too late for most of us...

Yes, that's right: "in the interests of fair education policy, under a loony government all children will automatically be given full marks in their exams."

So there you are, get out of the library and start spreading the word.

Disclaimer: This blogger in no way encourages you to vote mrlp as some of their other policies are slightly floored (to use their terminology..)

Leave Top Gear alone, but here's an idea..

Writing about web page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4432279.stm

I heard about this latest plan in banning anything even remotely controversial on tv the other day, and read some entries on here about it. To start with, I completely agree with the other posts about just how crazy an idea it is, as it is quite simply one of the best programmes on tv at the moment (well, not actually at the moment.. roll on May 22!)
I mean, with this logic why not ban cookery programmes, as they seem to encourage people to chop their veggies with extremely sharp knives pretty damn quick?

Anyway, onto my main point. In checking out this page I started thinking (scary thought). Why not introduce this 'third gear' as a short weekly feature in Top Gear? Not because I think the programme needs in any way to have a feature for 'sensible driving', but as a tongue in cheek piece purely for the comedy value of it. Some of the ideas put forward by this guy are brilliant; I for one would love to see Jeremy Clarkson assessing the advantages of a front basket over a rear rack on 'shopper' bikes, or James May travelling around on the trains with a folding bike. I'm sure they would also take great delight in ridiculing the whole situation.
The idea of Jeremy taking a Smart car to Paris, whilst James and Richard Hammond take the Eurostar and then all blowing up balloons might not be quite as enthralling as the race to switzerland with the Ferrari, so maybe they could change it to see if they could get the train to Paris, jump in some outrageously fast car, and race back to London all before Jeremy can get out of the country London in his Smart..
I reckon this feature could be fitted perfectly into the show right before test driving the lastest Ferrari etc, leaving plenty of oportunity in the link to mickey take some more.

Now that people, would be entertainment worth watching even if you weren't into cars!

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