May 10, 2005

The feud is over!!

At the end of last summer I made a new acquaintance. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

We've spent hours together, just messing about, especially when I have work to be doing. I've taken them all over the place with me, and from time to time they can even help me with my work. Although more often than not, as hard as they try not to, they just end up distracting me :) In short, we've had a great time together.

There was a problem however. You see, before I met this new friend, there this another friend. With whom I had always played around with long before this new friend. I hadn't ever really taken them anywhere, however, as they unfortunately just didn't have the mobility to travel, but we'd spend many happy time-wasting hours just sitting in my room.

So when this new friend came along, I desperately wanted the two of them to be friends ,to get along and share everything with each other. I knew that they could be compatible, despite what others might have thought. Unfortunately, after a brief conversation on their first meeting, it all went downhill. They would refuse to talk, and even refused to believe that the other even existed.

For a while I didn't even attempt to patch things up, but then today, I thought i'd give it another go. I sat them both down together, and after a great deal of trying I got them to accept the existance of each other. Shortly after this, with a little more effort I got them talking, and finally, they are both ready to share things with each other!! YES!!

Yes that's right. I've finally managed to work out how to transfer files etc between my lovely iBook and my PC :) When I first bought my iBook I had this grand plan that I would be moving files backwards and forwards between the two (They're more compatible than you might think!)
I managed to see my PC on my mac the vey first time I hooked them up, and transfered some stuff over, but since then i've failed to remember how I did it, and had not been able to see it since. Likewise on my PC I had even less luck in finding my mac, so hadn't been able to transfer the other way (not that I had much need back then!)
However, in my escape from revision, I hooked them up again, and i've finally managed to view both from the other machine, and transfer files like there's no tomorrow!! Woo!

Now I can finally watch anything that I downloaded to my PC in halls last year on my laptop without having to worry about fitting it onto a CD!! It also means that I can create some free space on my poor PC to get it to clean itself up a bit!

Cheers Tony!!

Follow-up to Gah, 'On hold' from Jimmy's Blog

What's this? A customer sales person who actually knows what he is talking about???!

Seing as I am completely unmotivated towards revision today, i'm sorting out some bits and pices that have been waiting for ages:

  • Camera (see previous enry) seems that the reason nothing was happening was because the idiot I made my claim to didn't actually record it! And they wonder why customer sales people have a bad reputation…...

  • Phone tariff. I've been meaning to change my plan to an anytime one for months so that I no longer avoid calling people during peak times, and finally did today. The O2 guy, Tony, was amazing! He actually knew what was going on, answered some of my stupid questions, and explained everything brilliantly. So as long as he actually puts it into his computer correctly, it should all be sorted! :)

Now all I have to do is get on and sort out my passport for my escape from the country at the end of term….

Gah, 'On hold'

Currently trying to get hold of Endsleigh after they apparently haven't passed on the details of my claim on my camera, and i'm on hold….. currently listening to S-club 7, hang on, make that Ronan Keating… woo…

Just got through, but within a minute, back on hold….........


May 09, 2005

I must be bored..

I've just noticed that a bit of bad code in an entry can change everything in the page underneath it.. So if I wanted to I could make everything after this word bold! (Annoying huh?)

I'll change it back in a bit, i promise

Edit: looks like someone up there didn't like me doing that…
It's changed now


I've just run out of chocolate biscuits..

I need chocolate biscuits.

This is not good news for my revision.

What am I going to do?!!!

P.S. I'm too lazy to go to the shop and get some more today

Revision 'Strategy'

I've never been a fan of revision timetables. Probably because I know that the chances of actually sticking to one are between 0 and ..err 0. So rather than wasting time on devising one just for the hell of it, i've decided that i'm just going to have a pretty vague strategy:

  1. By around the middle of week 5 (18th ish) i'm going to try to have gone through all my notes for every module (all 7 of them.. aaargh!) and hopefully condense my notes a little. Then,

  2. Split the remaining time between all my subjects for properly learning everything and doing questions, oh and fiitting in some exams too.

Looking at it this way, it seems like I should be able to revise at a fairly leisurely pace and still fit everything in comfortably. I'm sure it won't work out like that, but it makes me feel better than having a stupid timetable in front of me, making me feel bad when i'm not keeping up with it.

Next task is going to be getting out of bed before 12 today…

May 08, 2005

End of the Season

This weekend, as far as i'm concerned, has marked the end of the current football season. Yes, the big boys and the teams in the play-offs are still going, but Bristol City are done, and so that's it as far as me not being able to fully concentrate on anything come Saturday afternoon.

Not a particularly memorable season, although it was nice to finish off the season on a high at Hillsborough, especially with the last goal of the campaign being put past Peacock!!

At least this year I can concentrate on my exams now, rather than spending too much time concerned about the play-offs like last year!

Although my attendence was a bit poor this season (not too sure my season ticket was justified in the end) there were some momorable experiences throughout the season. Beating Hull and Brentford at home comfortably and celebrating a last minute winner at Walsall were probably the highs. Losing too easily at home to Bournemouth and away to Brentford were the lows (although at least we had a bit of a laugh during the latter game) Sitting with the opposition fans for the first time ever at Hull was different (especially the looks when we celebrated our equaliser!) and you've never really seen it all unless you've sung "6–5, we're gonna win 6–5" when 5–0 down away from home!!

In regards to other teams; I was glad to see Reading miss the play-offs again (Lots of people back home support them, and I was always slightly jealous after they left us behind a few years back despite our regular beatings of them!) I was also amused more than anything about Wigan's promotion today. Will they actually fill their ground now that they've hit the big time?
Would have been nice to see MK Dons go down, partly because of Danny Wilson, but mainly because they shouldn't be able to do what they've done to that club over there, and relegation would have reduced the chances of anything similar ever happening again.

Apart from that, it wouldn't have been a bad weekend of football, City winning :) and Reading missing the play-offs. If only that silly £$%* Earnshaw hadn't scored and denied me the best part of £100. grrrrrrr

In a final attempt to wind up any Wendies, I hope that either Tranmere go up (they were the third best team after all and after the last two years I know what it feels like to finish there and not go up), or Hartlepool do (given how close they were to the final last year before we scored 2 in stoppage time to beat them!)

Roll on 2005–6!

April 24, 2005

Happy Birthday to….

..Radio 1's Comedy Dave!!

Oh, and me!! :D

April 23, 2005

24 hrs to go!!

Having lots of work to do, plus the comment earlier today 'you haven't updated your blog much recently..' have forced me to make a new entry.

Anyway, we've just moved into my final 24 hours of my teenage years, and do I feel reflective of how I have spent those past 7 years? Well no, not really. I'm currently contemplating the way in which i'll be spending those last few hours of youth(!), and indeed the way in which I shall be spending my birthday. Unfortunately, there are no fun decisions to be made, no exciting activities to consider and no wild parties planned (not yet at least). Instead I shall be spending the next few joyous days continuing work on our Modelling Assignment!

Let's be honest, it is my own fault for having done very little over the holiday, but that's not the point. It still sucks. Welcome to the real world I guess! People have said I should take Sunday off from doing any work, but I don't really see having to work extra hard at the start of next week as much of a reward, so I shall be working away on my 20th (Albeit with a couple of hours break to watch the Grand Prix in the afternoon, maybe even with a beer or two..)

The consolation will be that it does mean that I get to spend all day with my friends, and to be fair we always manage to have a good laugh when we work together anyway (sometimes too much…) so it should still be a fun day! Then of course there is apparently some suprise in store next thursday when our assignment is done and dusted, which if people's excitement so far is anything to go by should be pretty good!

On a completely different subject, if you ever think you've seen everything..;
"Have you ever seen a man eat his own head?"
"So you HAVEN'T seen everything!"
(Team America, boy was that a funny movie!)

So there you are, I've updated my blog. Happy now? (you know who you are!!)

Happy St George's Day!

Happy St George's Day

Would just like to say that it would be nice if we celebrated our patron saint's day a little bit more here in England. I think it was Jack Dee who said on tv the other day "Scotland; St Andrew's day, big piss up. Wales; St David's day, big piss up. Ireland; pay day, big piss up.."

But seriously, all the other home nations make a big deal of their days, celebrate their nationality and generally enjoy themselves, especially St Patrick's day which even we try to celebrate! What do we do come St George's day? Not much to be honest. I mean I wouldn't be suprised if a good number of people didn't even realise it was! (Maybe I only remember because it's the day before my birthday..)

Even for the rest of the time, English people seem a lot less pround of their background. The Scots, Welsh and Irish all seem far more connected to their respective countries, and I get the impression that few consider themselves to be British. Whereas in England on the other hand, i'm sure there are a great number of people for whom when it comes to filling in the nationality part of any form there is always a 'British' vs 'English' debate in their head. We even have trouble trying to display St George's cross flags in public for fear of being branded as a racists! It's pretty ironic really that whoever it is that used the flag as a symbol of their racist beliefs (I can't remember exactly who it was right now) have really only been succesful in managing to rob the country of celebrating its individuality.

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