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July 06, 2008

Solo Acoustic

So, yesterday I played my first proper solo acoustic show in Llanidloes, Mid Wales. It was interesting to say the least, as you may gather from the setlist:

For Our Dreaming / Back For The Summer / We Don’t Need To Say Goodbye / Caught By The Fuzz (Supergrass) / Shadowman / Fresh Panic / Animal / Sorted For E’s and Wizz (Pulp) / Mamma Mia (Abba)

So, as a sort of celebration, all the music I’ve put on this blog I’ve accumulated here for your listening pleasure (with a few ones I haven’t posted before):

For Our Dreaming:

We Don’t Need To Say Goodbye:

Perfect Night:

Your Regrets:

Each Question (Figure It Out):

Fresh Panic:

Let’s Make This Goodbye:

I’ve been meaning to make a page for all my demos and stuff… now that I’m out of uni, it might actually get done.

January 15, 2008

A Revival

I hate periods of uncreativity or any period where I feel I’m not involved with anything. I seem to have a muse that shifts between writing, artwork, music and games. If I catch the updrift at the right time, I end up with a bunch of songs, some art, a game or a bunch of blog posts.

Right now, I think the writing bug has come back, since the previous post I have written a few music reviews for the Warwick Boar and blog, but I feel I have some sort of duty to finish off my documentation of my year out. There’s still plenty to talk about, and plenty of photos to post.

In the meanwhile, despite not recording it, I’ve been doing a fair bit of art work with a borrowed graphics tablet, of which you can see some endeavours here or you can wait till I post the best bits later on this month. I also bought some acrylics and did a painting for my gran for Christmas, but as of yet no photo exists, that needs to be rectified…

I also plan on using one of the digital art pieces (it’ll probably be easy to guess which) for a little compilation of all the music I’ve accumulated in my ‘demos’ folder for the past year. Some you will have heard, some you most definitely haven’t, and all of it I can still listen to today and not cringe at. I’m calling it ‘A Winter Clean’ as I feel I need a new slate to start things off. I wrote a new song for the first time in what seems like an age today as well, hopefully in light of the fact that Afterburner have a charity gig in Robbins’ Well on the 26th and are entering the Battle of the Bands later on. It feels good to get the creative juices flowing once more.

And I say all this without even mentioning the fact that I hope to release a few games over the coming months, I’ve had all these ideas bubbling round my head I’m gonna burst if something doesn’t get done sooner nor later.

And a new website will have to be organised I guess… damn… it piles up…

Ramble over.

September 06, 2007

We Don't Need To Say Goodbye


It’s been a while.

And I’ve been alternately been either visiting people away from home or cursing the day I made my home desktop computer 3 years ago. So now I’ve got a shiny new PC and a little bit of time to start posting again before Afterburner and I go on a shiny new tour around various places and seeing more friends (I hope).

I’ve been wanting to post this song above for ages, I played a stripped down version at the Acoustic Battle of the Bands (way back in early 2006) but it probably didn’t sound as good because I wrote it the day before. I finally got around to recording it properly when my brother came back with my electric guitar, and an amp to plug it in to. Unfortunately he’s gone with his amp (but left the guitar) so I can’t really do any more full on recording, but there’s quite a few acoustic ones knocking around that I should post in the near future (yeah, right).

Maybe after the tour, maybe in the next few days while I’m not being hounded by any commitments, I plan to put up a page of recordings you can listen to or ignore at your pleasure, with lyrics and all. I did also plan to record a whole album over the summer, but this is the only song I managed to finish…so it remains to be seen how this project will fair.

More NZ posts coming up…

December 10, 2006

Will Play For Food (PAD10)

Food for Songs

Date: 04/11/06
Location: Piha Beach, North Island, NZ

As the night wore on in our beach party, we started a small bonfire. And as the fireworks had been completely exhumed, we needed more entertainment. Of course, I stepped up to the fold to play classic renditions of Afterburner’s top tunes, as well as some of their famous contemporaries such as The Shins, REM and Bob Marley (at request). There was also a completely improvised version of Like A Virgin, replete with dancing and vocals from the lovely Maartje, but she’d kill me if I posted a picture like this from the performance:

Like a Maartje


September 21, 2006

Long Haul

Gah! The distance between posts seems to be getting longer, but I have the best of intentions to write more often. Not just for my own sake, but because there so much I want to keep a record of. I’ve rounded up a bit of this week so I don’t forget…

The Comedy Club in the centre of Auckland was a bit of a laugh (ho ho!) on the Wednesday night. $5 for a quick-fire round of comedians presented by a overly hyper-active woman with a tendancy to talk about her breasts. Fortunately, she was also actually funny, much like many of the other acts (although there was a Japanese guy who seemed to relying on the fact that he was Japanese and by talking loud in his Japanese accent would get some laughs).

Also started playing football again, a group of us took off to some fields by the Auckland museum (where there’s a weird squashed Tie-fighter esque structure in sight near the park) and had a kickabout. The girls kicked ass, and Rodrigo pretty much just kicked everyone and anything, and it was a great chance to air my Burnley shirt (my god! are we third in the league?!? it’ll never last!) despite it being mistaken for West Ham and Aston Villa in the process…

And finally it’s a pirate formal dinner on Friday here at the Railway campus, the formal bit I don’t understand, but Josh seems to think it means wearing a tie with his pirate costume we procured on a trip to K’ Road the other day. I however have found the most awesome hat, so I’ll be sure to post the piccys when tomorrow comes around. Apparently we also get a Railway Campus engraved wine glass with our meal… ooh! I can’t wait!

And now only one question remains before I sign off for the night… is it okay to like Lily Allen? I hadn’t actually listened to any of her songs all the way through before yesterday and only read various comments here and there about her music, but damnit if I’m a sucker sometimes for pop music. Have I completely lost it?

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