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January 15, 2008

A Revival

I hate periods of uncreativity or any period where I feel I’m not involved with anything. I seem to have a muse that shifts between writing, artwork, music and games. If I catch the updrift at the right time, I end up with a bunch of songs, some art, a game or a bunch of blog posts.

Right now, I think the writing bug has come back, since the previous post I have written a few music reviews for the Warwick Boar and blog, but I feel I have some sort of duty to finish off my documentation of my year out. There’s still plenty to talk about, and plenty of photos to post.

In the meanwhile, despite not recording it, I’ve been doing a fair bit of art work with a borrowed graphics tablet, of which you can see some endeavours here or you can wait till I post the best bits later on this month. I also bought some acrylics and did a painting for my gran for Christmas, but as of yet no photo exists, that needs to be rectified…

I also plan on using one of the digital art pieces (it’ll probably be easy to guess which) for a little compilation of all the music I’ve accumulated in my ‘demos’ folder for the past year. Some you will have heard, some you most definitely haven’t, and all of it I can still listen to today and not cringe at. I’m calling it ‘A Winter Clean’ as I feel I need a new slate to start things off. I wrote a new song for the first time in what seems like an age today as well, hopefully in light of the fact that Afterburner have a charity gig in Robbins’ Well on the 26th and are entering the Battle of the Bands later on. It feels good to get the creative juices flowing once more.

And I say all this without even mentioning the fact that I hope to release a few games over the coming months, I’ve had all these ideas bubbling round my head I’m gonna burst if something doesn’t get done sooner nor later.

And a new website will have to be organised I guess… damn… it piles up…

Ramble over.

September 10, 2006

Happiness In (Gaming) Magazines

PCGamer For those of you who don’t know, when I’m not drinking, playing music, working (gosh!) or even blogging, I like to write little computer games in my dwindling spare time. Recently, I found out two of little free games were put on the CD in the July edition of a rather popular UK PC magazine by the name of PC Gamer. Needless to say I’m rather chuffed indeed. You can download the games Arena Runner and Ork Attack either here or here .

I also do a bit of artwork for other people’s games. And one of these people, my mate Craig, has been remaking some Amiga puzzle classics for the PC. As well as drawing a few sprites here and there and testing his games, I’m also hosting his website and files, so you can check out Pushover and Clockwiser here while you’re at it.

Also, when the new UK term comes around and the Fresher’s Fair comes into town at Warwick, you might wanna pop over to the VGDSoc (Video Game Design) table where there’ll hopefully be handing out free CD’s with games and programs on. On which the game Avian Apocalypse will also reside, for which I drew a good handful of the game art.

I’m planning a new little game at the moment which will hopefully play like the classic game Bubble Bobble, but I’ll tell you when the time comes…

August 04, 2006

A Film/Game Observation

monkey island 2

I was gonna post this after my little adventure series, but I figured I've got so much to post already, just queuing it up would just make things harder to organise

I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest this week at the cinema. The ending was cheap. The action scenes ridiculous. The plot quite strange. The mood somehow darker, and maybe more artificial. But I enjoyed it muchly. I can't explain it, I'm not a film student.

Some things I did notice though, were a few little throwbacks to an old Amiga game called Monkey Island. You played a pirate, Guybrush Threepwood, and at one point he rows a coffin across a swamp to a voodoo lady. I was surprised that in the film, a mouth didn't take their boat up into the voodoo hut. Whether it was homage or not, it was a weird recognition, and the creator of said game also noticed a few similarities between Pirates' main bad guy Davy Jones, and Monkey's evil zombie pirate LeChuck.

Just a thought.

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