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March 04, 2007


Starlight Symphony
(Cheers to this guy for this pic, because I didn’t get a good one)

Bringing the blog back in to the relative present for a moment, last week there was a free concert given in the Auckland Domain. The Starlight Symphony is apparently run every year and features the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra performing more classical pieces in the first half, followed by more contemporary music in the second. This second half included top NZ artist Boh Runga (whom I had never heard of) from the band Stellar, who was joined by an Englishman named Andy Lovegrove from the band Brakes Co-Op (whom I have also never heard of). Despite this it was a very enjoyable experience with more artists from all over the place (in style as well as place), especially when we wandered along to the concert initially halfway through the first half to hear booms of orchestral music reflecting off the hillsides whilst the night was just coming on. Then when we finally reached the crowds to find a space, having groups of people waltzing between you down the free aisles. Also, a disturbing amount of glowsticks were present, but it was all for charity, so that’s alright. Right?

As if the musical entertainment wasn’t enough, we were also treated to a fancy open air laser show (preceded by several nutters pumping some smoke into the air so you could see ‘em) to the sound of John Williams’ Star Wars themes. However, no Death Stars were present. The finale involved a dearth of fireworks and cannons overseen by the swells and crescendos of the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky. That was definitely a worthy end to the night, and I’m quite surprised my phone captured some of the explosions so adequately.

FireworksMore FireworksEven More Fireworks

Whilst on the subject of photos, I should also mention I found a brilliant little photo a day blog for Auckland. It’s exactly what I wished I could be able to do, if I had the equipment, the patience and was actually good at taking photos…

Auckland Daily Photo

In other news, a huge indoor stadium is about to open up next door to our student halls. We get a tour around the Vector Arena in just over a week. Exciting!? Maybe…

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