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July 06, 2008

Solo Acoustic

So, yesterday I played my first proper solo acoustic show in Llanidloes, Mid Wales. It was interesting to say the least, as you may gather from the setlist:

For Our Dreaming / Back For The Summer / We Don’t Need To Say Goodbye / Caught By The Fuzz (Supergrass) / Shadowman / Fresh Panic / Animal / Sorted For E’s and Wizz (Pulp) / Mamma Mia (Abba)

So, as a sort of celebration, all the music I’ve put on this blog I’ve accumulated here for your listening pleasure (with a few ones I haven’t posted before):

For Our Dreaming:

We Don’t Need To Say Goodbye:

Perfect Night:

Your Regrets:

Each Question (Figure It Out):

Fresh Panic:

Let’s Make This Goodbye:

I’ve been meaning to make a page for all my demos and stuff… now that I’m out of uni, it might actually get done.

September 06, 2007

We Don't Need To Say Goodbye


It’s been a while.

And I’ve been alternately been either visiting people away from home or cursing the day I made my home desktop computer 3 years ago. So now I’ve got a shiny new PC and a little bit of time to start posting again before Afterburner and I go on a shiny new tour around various places and seeing more friends (I hope).

I’ve been wanting to post this song above for ages, I played a stripped down version at the Acoustic Battle of the Bands (way back in early 2006) but it probably didn’t sound as good because I wrote it the day before. I finally got around to recording it properly when my brother came back with my electric guitar, and an amp to plug it in to. Unfortunately he’s gone with his amp (but left the guitar) so I can’t really do any more full on recording, but there’s quite a few acoustic ones knocking around that I should post in the near future (yeah, right).

Maybe after the tour, maybe in the next few days while I’m not being hounded by any commitments, I plan to put up a page of recordings you can listen to or ignore at your pleasure, with lyrics and all. I did also plan to record a whole album over the summer, but this is the only song I managed to finish…so it remains to be seen how this project will fair.

More NZ posts coming up…

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