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May 20, 2008

In Progress

I got a new graphics tablet for my birthday. :)
I finish exams on the 6th June. Expect things to eventually happen again then.

January 15, 2008

A Revival

I hate periods of uncreativity or any period where I feel I’m not involved with anything. I seem to have a muse that shifts between writing, artwork, music and games. If I catch the updrift at the right time, I end up with a bunch of songs, some art, a game or a bunch of blog posts.

Right now, I think the writing bug has come back, since the previous post I have written a few music reviews for the Warwick Boar and blog, but I feel I have some sort of duty to finish off my documentation of my year out. There’s still plenty to talk about, and plenty of photos to post.

In the meanwhile, despite not recording it, I’ve been doing a fair bit of art work with a borrowed graphics tablet, of which you can see some endeavours here or you can wait till I post the best bits later on this month. I also bought some acrylics and did a painting for my gran for Christmas, but as of yet no photo exists, that needs to be rectified…

I also plan on using one of the digital art pieces (it’ll probably be easy to guess which) for a little compilation of all the music I’ve accumulated in my ‘demos’ folder for the past year. Some you will have heard, some you most definitely haven’t, and all of it I can still listen to today and not cringe at. I’m calling it ‘A Winter Clean’ as I feel I need a new slate to start things off. I wrote a new song for the first time in what seems like an age today as well, hopefully in light of the fact that Afterburner have a charity gig in Robbins’ Well on the 26th and are entering the Battle of the Bands later on. It feels good to get the creative juices flowing once more.

And I say all this without even mentioning the fact that I hope to release a few games over the coming months, I’ve had all these ideas bubbling round my head I’m gonna burst if something doesn’t get done sooner nor later.

And a new website will have to be organised I guess… damn… it piles up…

Ramble over.

July 24, 2006

Flippin' Mad

Philosophy can be such a depressing read sometimes, yet it's so amazing to discover where the paths of thought can take you. Josh has lent me a copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, which is basically a novel on thought in the form of a road trip (much like Sophie's World but without the actual essays). I'm not even halfway through it and it's already depressed, inspired, intrigued and motivated me through its exploration of rationality. The whole area of existentialism can do that to do you sometimes, and at the moment I'm veering to the side of inspiration. Of course, that may have plenty to do with the fact I'm in a completely new country on the other side of the world (although I need to kick myself sometimes to believe it's still true). The fact is, even though its the second most popular question (after 'So, where are you from?'), I don't really have a decent answer to 'So why did you decide to have a year out in New Zealand?'. I suppose I wasn't really motivated about university last year (I really should have been more comfortably on a first) and this has really made me think about why the hell I'm doing this. Of course I can answer it, but every time I say it, I have to think 'Is this actually why I'm here?'. I'm here for an experience, but what is that?

Philosophy really can put your head in weird places…it's probably the reason for Messrs. Kumar and Markham being such an odd couple… :P

But university so far is starting to go alright, I'm going to see a tutor about a year–long project tomorrow, about something I'm actually quite interested in (which I'd bloody hope so if I'm gonna be on it for 12 months), I've swapped a shitty second–year course for a much more fulfilling design module (designing, making and testing diving fins, woo!), and I think I'm getting back in the groove of things..

I also think I'm addicted to this drawing malarkey now. With no guitar by my side to pick up and strum at dull moments of opportunity, I've had no way to waste away the small minutes but to sketch and scribble. These eventually turn up into digital paintings in one form or another and usually inspired by whatever I'm listening to at the time (at the moment Goldfrapp and Portishead – so expect animal heads making out and epic movie–esque scenes). I suppose it's good for me to give it a break for a while… who knows? maybe when I get back I'll be fresh enough to write a whole Afterburner album…

July 22, 2006

Let's Dance


Dancing is funny, whether you try hard or not at all, you look completely ridiculous on the dancefloor. I went out, with my housemates and some other girls we met up with, to one of the Auckland clubs, Float (with it being on a pier), and danced the night away. The thought just hit me while flailing wildly around to Madonna during the best section of music during the night (80's, naturally) that everyone in the whole room (including myself, but that goes without saying) looked hilarious. That isn't a bad thing, because if you notice it, the ridiculousness of it all just makes people happier (not just the alcohol consumption).

Yeah, we had a fun night, and topped it off by stopping by our local Chinese restaurant that just happens to be open till three in the morning. Chatting rubbish, drinking Chinese tea (detox! detox!) and sampling the fine but cheap roast duck and pork. I think this will be a saviour of times to come. Loh has also recommended we go to a Japanese bar nearby sometime, for the grilled chicken skewers and sake, but I doubt I'll be able to afford that for a least a few weeks more. I slept for 12 hours after all that, but managed to squeeze out enough motivation for the little sketch above for this post.

July 17, 2006

Bangers n' Mash

Only last month I was finishing exams for my second year and already the new year is upon me! Of course, being in New Zealand is somewhat of a balancer to certain life equations but still, it's a teensy bit weird.

I've figured out where all my lectures are, but I've still yet to figure out all my modules, which is unfortunate. However, I have found another English exchange student, Fran, from Edinburgh University, so I'm gonna peek into one of her classes (no euphemism there) on Wednesday to resolve that little matter. There are tutorials every week, with a mid–term and end–of–term tests that count towards the final mark as well as three labs. It's a teensy bit different from the almost–cram–it–all–in–at–the–end test, so hopefully it will work out okay. Not that I have to do well or anything (just kidding mum!).

Also, if you haven't noticed, I've been doing a little bit of art recently, and I've started the first (of hopefully many) in a series of art/music blog posts over here at 'á la discotheque' . So go check it out.

I said I'd talk about my first venture out into the nightlife of Auckland. So I shall. We went to the Globe bar, a 7–days–a–week party bar for backpackers, foreigners and drunkards (usually all three at once). Loh was the dancing queen of the night, he was pulling some moves for four hours on the pole and just generally everywhere. The man has no shame, but he's provided the best night's entertainment I could've hoped for (after being knocked out of the pool tournament in the semi–finals…gah! $60 of free beer just out of reach!). It just makes me wish I had some way of photographing this whirling dervish. At one point he managed to enthrall a whole crowd of people with his antics involving a glass of wine, and mainly his jacket sleeves, and frequently led girls away (in to fits of laughter) but he never hesitated once. And for that, he is a legend.

And I've got a question for you all (now we finally get to the title). Why the hell do we call sausages 'bangers'? I was proudly making the fabled British meal tonight and when Josh asked why we called them 'bangers' I was completely flummoxed.

Why the hell do we?

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