June 27, 2007

Goodbye NZ!

So, over 365 days have passed since buggering off to the land of the long white cloud, and a very enjoyable selection of days it has been. I’ll miss the people, the places (although not so much the city), the occasionally helpful exchange rate, the university (believe it or not) and the friends I’ve built up from around the world that I hope to meet up with again (or have already promised to) in the not too distant future.

I don’t know if it was because I was leaving, or because I had drank too much the night before, or even maybe because I skipped breakfast to hand in my year long project, but on the morning of leaving I felt a bit funny. Just the shuttle ride to the airport felt a bit weird, there was a good chance a lot of the people I’d said goodbye to over the past week I wouldn’t see for a long time or even ever. And then when I get to the airport I find out that the place had just been evacuated because of a fire alarm or something didn’t help matters…

Luckily though, we were let in soon after and I managed to scoff down a pint of Speight’s and a BK chicken burger to satisfy two of my empty feelings while waiting for my plane to arrive. I don’t think it really sunk in until I reached London, where my plane arrived late, I missed the connecting flight and had to wait 45 minutes in a line to get a new one that was even later still. I was effectively in limbo between realities, I mean, I’d spent over 30 hours in airplanes or airports by this time, and was feeling pretty washed out. I’d had some sleep on the long haul flight, but conked out as the plane taxied out of Heathrow, although I think the pint of bitter I had at what was apparently 10 o’clock in the morning (the girl at Costa Coffee did look at me funny) had something to do with it as well. And soon I was at Manchester, and driving home with my parents, and the world hadn’t seemed to change a bit. A new ASDA had sprung up in the middle of town, and number plates looked a bit different, but it was surprisingly easy to get back to realising the year was over.

And so yes, starting on July the first (as a promise to Jens and Matt), I’m planning every other day to complete my recollections over the Kiwi summer and the second semester as a way of really getting over it, and looking forward to the next time we’ll inevitably meet. And anyone who has ever been to New Zealand will probably tell you they intend to go back someday.

So… someday…

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