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June 15, 2007

Hello Neglected Blog

I could say I’ve been a very busy person, and it’d be half right.

I’m now one exam down out of two, but still one huge assignment short of not getting a grade, which is why I’ve not been so talkative of late. And there’s so many things to talk about…

  • I haven’t even got past Christmas yet on my huge summer touring updates, needless to say, when I get back, expect a flurry of pictures and stories… there’s lots.
  • All my forays into the NZ music scene, the glorious Crow Bar (almost as good as the one in London Em!), the numerous CD purchases, the bands, the gigs…
  • My birthday! My my, what fun we had, me and my wenches. Thank god I don’t feel 22 (it feels even weird just typing it out), and apparently bouncers still seem to think I’m 15, so that’s all a relief.
  • I’ve also entered a few game designing competitions, of which the results will be posted shortly. You might even get to play something…
  • And a few days ago, for Ellie’s birthday, we went to see the ballet! (Swan Lake to be exact) and I may be getting soft in my old age, but it was actually pretty good!
  • And I’ve only got marginally more than a week left! How shocking is that!
  • And what am I going to do as a farewell you reckon?
    • Jump off a bridge?
    • Jump out of a plane?
    • Go on a seven-hour caving epic?
    • Go on a citywide pub crawl to get hilariously drunk before my flight home?

... I have no idea what I’m going to do, but it will use up the remaining of my New Zealand dollars. The next post will possibly be a fond farewell to the land of the long white cloud, and it’ll be a big one, I promise.

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