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March 15, 2012


I live alone and keep all the doors locked. Before I enter a room I first knock politely, then slide a key in the lock, twist until the click, and then turn the knob. I received my first shock in twenty-three years when, while sitting at the kitchen table, I heard a door slam. I double checked every room. Knock, keys, lock, click, turn. Nothing peculiar in any of the rooms, beds made, carpets spotless, curtains drawn.

Next morning I did the rounds. Knock, keys, lock, click, turn. I was satisfied that nothing was amiss and sat down to eat. Then with the second shock in as many days, I heard a creaking sound as if someone was treading on the stairs leading to the top floor. I ran up, no one there. I did the rounds: knock, keys, lock, click, turn, knock, keys, click, turn. All the rooms were empty and silent. I had a headache and my mouth was dry. I spent the rest of the day in bed.

I did not do the rounds next morning. I stayed in my bedroom with the door and windows locked. The ticking sound made my head hurt so I took the clock off the wall and smashed it to pieces. I closed the curtains. I suppose a long time had passed before I heard voices coming from the living room directly below. I rushed down, my hands shivering violently as I tried to find the appropriate key. Knock, keys, lock, click turn. The room was empty. While I was closing the curtains I heard whispers in the kitchen, and more coming from upstairs, and I saw shadows in the garden. Knock, keys, lock, click, turn, knock, keys, lock, click, turn, knock, keys, lock, click, turn, knock, lock, click, keys, turn, knock, keys, lock, click, turn, empty.

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