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December 04, 2005


…is an apt description for this blog so far, really!!

Seriously, i've been here for 4 frigging terms now and i haven't used this at all much. I'll put it down to the busy social life :-)

Hmm, anyway, what shall i put here?

First off, HOW SCARY IS IT THAT WE'RE NEARLY HALF WAY THROUGH OUR DEGREES!!! (for those on 3 year degrees in the 2nd year like me!) Its going so quickly, it'll be gone before we know it.

So what am i interested/involved in?
Well, i guess my main interest outside the glorious course that is EPAIS, is with the Christian Union, which is great fun, we do loads of great stuff, find out more at If you've eve staggered out of Top B on a cold Monday night and been given some hot chocolate, biscuits, a flyer or had a nice chat with someone there, then that would have been us, hey it may well have been me.

So what else do i do? I'm in the Warwick Revelation Rock Gospel Choir, which is enormous fun, and everyone should join!!! If you don't, then you should definitely come to the concerts we do.

Ok, what else, erm well i do Latin & Ballroom dancing too, which is also great, have been doing that since last year and i also highly recommend that to anyone!
I also play football, for the CU 11-a-side team, and also for Athletico EPAIS, of whom i am the captain, which is a 5 a side team from my course, we ROCK!!! Actually, we are slowly making our way up the Ladder C, ready for a 2nd term assault on the top 12…

I am also, as of Friday, a member of Warwick Conservatives, controversially enough, which i have been saying i will all term and finally got round to on Friday as a birthday present for the mighty Matthew Hartley, who is both the Secretary of said society and also my next door neighbour in our house!! 4 articles in the Boar this term and still going strong!!

Erm, i'm sure i've forgotten something, but oh well, that will do for now.

Suffice to say that, in anticipation of much political campaigning next term… VOTE AJ BROWN FOR PRESIDENT!! Yay.

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