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October 19, 2004

More about the SSLC thing

Follow-up to The Pains of trying to find a cheap laptop from James's Blog

also, if u do have any comments to make about issues with the EPAIS course, I should warn you that we're not allowed to discuss ANYTHING relating to specific lecturers/tutors/students etc, as this is against SSLC rules, and it's best that you take these issues to your personal tutor if appropriate. If not, come to me and I'll see what I can do, but there should be no open discussion of issues like, u'll have to see me/e-mail me privately.
Also, there is a meeting next Monday from 2–3pm in the Humanities building, top floor, can't remember which room, look at the notice on the Economics noticeboard. It's for any EPAIS 1st year students to raise any issues/problems that they would like us (that is, me and the other rep for our course, Gabriel Siles-Brugge, who organised the meeting) to address. Hope to see you there!

More blog

Thought it was about time i did another entry on here.
Well, I ended up buying a laptop on Ebay, which is a bit risky, but hopefully it should be ok. It was a good one, though, with a Pentium 4 3.06Ghz processor, 512Mb RAM, 128Mb graphics card, 60Gb hard drive etc. It's true that Ebay can be dangerously addictive, i've bought 7 items in the last week, although that includes the laptop and one textbook, which were kinda necessary. I'll have to try and be a bit more disciplined from now on.
Neway, I've just been to Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir, or Rev, tonight, which was good fun, although sum of the songs are a bit tricky to pick up, especially with no sheet music or words to learn from! But I think i've got the hang of most of them.
By the way, I am a bible-believing Christian, and do enjoy getting my brain stuck into all types of 'meaty' questions of ethics, morality, evolution/creation etc, so if u have any particular questions that you would like to have answered, don't hesitate to ask them, and i'll do my best to write an answer. The harder the questions, the better. :-)

October 18, 2004

The Pains of trying to find a cheap laptop

Well, i've been busily searching around for the last few days, trying to find a good laptop to buy, an dbid for several on Ebay but they all seem to go above what i'm willing to pay – do i really want to splash out a large chunk of student loan on a laptop and then find that the Ebay seller was selling off their old crap, broken laptop that barely runs? No. So what do i do, I find a really good laptop from the Comet website via, and it says its in stock, but when i come to order it, oh suddenly it's out of sock. Terrific. Do i go back to Ebay and run the risk of being conned, or do I wait longer til the other one is back in stock, whenever that may be?! All the while, i'm stuck without a PC in my room, and soon we're gonna start being set proper essays etc, and its just going to be a real pain.
ANYWAY, at least we've not been flooded with work yet, just a few maths problem sets and LOTS of reading, most of which i haven't done yet! Oh dear, its like 6th form all over again, not doing enough work. I think i'd better buck my ideas up this week, especially as our first Intro to Politics assignment is due in next week!! Its a newspaper report and i think i'm gonna do mine on the media's treatment/view of John Kerry. Should be quite interesting.
By the way, i'm one of our SSLC reps on my course (EconPAIS), so if anyone has any issues with the course/problems/complaints about the course, leave a comment and i'll make a note of it to discuss it whenever we have our first meeting!

October 16, 2004

First Blog Entry

Wow, how exciting, my first ever Blog entry…hmm err, quick, think of sumthing to say. ok i'll introduce myself, my name is James and i'm a 1st year Economics, Politics and International Studies student living in Rootes. I'm really enjoying Warwick so far, and hopefully will be able to think of sum meaningful stuff to put on here in the next few days. Oh yeah, if anyone can suggest a good place to buy a good, cheapish laptop from, that would be greatly appreciated, as i'm getting a bit fed up of having to trek all the way to the Computing Centre thing by the library (where i am at the moment) everytime i want to check my e-mails!

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