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October 18, 2004

The Pains of trying to find a cheap laptop

Well, i've been busily searching around for the last few days, trying to find a good laptop to buy, an dbid for several on Ebay but they all seem to go above what i'm willing to pay – do i really want to splash out a large chunk of student loan on a laptop and then find that the Ebay seller was selling off their old crap, broken laptop that barely runs? No. So what do i do, I find a really good laptop from the Comet website via, and it says its in stock, but when i come to order it, oh suddenly it's out of sock. Terrific. Do i go back to Ebay and run the risk of being conned, or do I wait longer til the other one is back in stock, whenever that may be?! All the while, i'm stuck without a PC in my room, and soon we're gonna start being set proper essays etc, and its just going to be a real pain.
ANYWAY, at least we've not been flooded with work yet, just a few maths problem sets and LOTS of reading, most of which i haven't done yet! Oh dear, its like 6th form all over again, not doing enough work. I think i'd better buck my ideas up this week, especially as our first Intro to Politics assignment is due in next week!! Its a newspaper report and i think i'm gonna do mine on the media's treatment/view of John Kerry. Should be quite interesting.
By the way, i'm one of our SSLC reps on my course (EconPAIS), so if anyone has any issues with the course/problems/complaints about the course, leave a comment and i'll make a note of it to discuss it whenever we have our first meeting!

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