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May 18, 2005

Police officers are speeding all the time, why do they get away with it?

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Police officers are speeding all the time, why do they get away with it? With reference to the case of PC Mark Milton who has been cleared of dangerous driving and also police in general in my personal experience are mocking the very thing safety cameras are campaigning against. In a report from the BBC I read the officer admitted to driving 60mph in a 30mph zone, which to anyone else can result in a ban. He claimed the road was clear and driving conditions were good even so at 60 it takes roughly 16 car lengths to stop, a child runs out he wouldn’t be able to stop clear road or not. I personally adhere to the speed limits at all times, but I am fed up of being tailgated by both other angry motorists and overtaken (in some cases quite dangerously) by these motorists and in the past police also. What is the actual law about police officers speeding, can they do it when they like, or only with there blue lights on? I personally see it as the police setting a bad example to other road users when they themselves ignore speed limits, and publicity of cases such as the one mentioned, which travelling at 159mph over twice the speed limit and rough stopping distance of 95 car lengths is accepted by the courts on the grounds of he’s a policeman is a mockery and counter production to what the police are trying to achieve with speed cameras and casualty reduction partnerships.

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