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November 09, 2004

Professional Football: An excuse for violence and destroying the sport in general?

This is just a summary of my personal thoughts at the direction in which professional football is heading. There is no source material or evidence to support what I am writing and it is only an opinion, so feel free to comment.

After watching several games since the Premiership kicked off this season I have noticed the increase in what if was not on a football pitch would be described as unacceptable and in some cases anti social behaviour.

One of the main things which is not physical abuse but is the way a player will get a decision made against them and will go charging up to a referee or linesman and shout in their faces. I donít think this is a very sporting attitude to have. But not only that but if someone said something that wasnít agreed upon it normally be the case you would charge up to the person in question and shout in their face.

The next thing which aggravates me is the constant attempt to cheat the officials. A player diving is possibly the worst right after the fake injuries that occur just to land a colleague from another football team into the refereeís book. I think this is a terrible example to pass down both into the amateur game and to children that watch the game from a young age.

My final point of a list which could go on forever is tackling. Tackling in general is clearly a big part of football; however I mean the tackles where no clear attempt is made for the ball. If this occurred in the street a person would be charged with assault, and often the reaction of the tackled player if they chose to hit back is assault also.

I think the only way for football to save itself from what is becoming in my opinion worse to watch game by game is to first of all start by having an adequate punishment system. It clearly isnít at the moment for example take drugs and get banned for a month less than a player who missed a drug test by accident. And from the level of the players play fair to make a better game for not only the players but for everyone who is involved and help it remain a fair sport at all levels of ability.

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