May 05, 2005


A question for Christians mainly, but open to anyone.

The sole purpose of marriage as a sacrement of Christianity is to provide a foundation to procreate and raise new generations.

Firstly, why do we need to do this. Well, it's naturally survival of the fittest. But then, shouldn't a Christian promote the survival of others rather than him or herself, thus putting everything before the passing on of their own genes?

Secondly, why do we not employ a systematic approach to marriage, like Muslims do, to ensure that procreation is achieved? Why is it acceptable for Christian marriage to based more on whether you personally find your partner attractive and/or with a nice personality, when this surely stems from one's own lust or greed to have someone who likes them back? A Christian should surely strive to be confident and outward in all aspects and not need the return of their love.

Yet then, if we follow Jesus in fully devoting ourselves to others (both human and non-human) and do not form sexual relationships, then the human race would die out. If, as it says in the Bible, the Lion will lie with the Hare, then surely those animals will also die out. In fact, there will not be life as we know it, so what was the point in the first place? And how did life manage to form from a spiritually pure universe if it required a certain level of selfishness in order to survive?

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  1. Being one of those annoying half-arsed Christians, this is probably going to be magnificently flawed and so torn to shreds, but hey.

    If the point of marriage is "to provide a foundation to procreate and raise new generations" then surely it should be a stable foundation, based on love, trust and all that kind of stuff, in order to be able to raise happy children. This would not make the whole partner-finding thing greed or lust, but more of an instinct to be able to get this point.

    And anyway, the Bible says something along the lines of how we have all fallen short in the eyes of God, but righteousness comes from faith in Jesus Christ. So even if God did see it as lust or greed, as long as you admitted this then everything would be fine and dandy.

    17 May 2005, 18:44

  2. I agree with the point about providing a stabe foundation, although i think, at a deeper level, it should be a foundation of belief, ie. the parents should pass on knowledge of the truth of God to their children. If they were true believers, then they should be completely compatible as children of God, loving in every way and not needing the worldly bonds, ie. beauty and similarities in lifestyle/personality, as they are irrelavent to those who are one and the same under God.
    This is a very idealistic statement, but should not be ignored as the purpose of belief is to stive towards ideals, to attain perfection in God, as Jesus did.

    From this, admitting to God one's lust/greed in a relationship is simply not enough, as one should strive towards compatibility with people because they too are children of God, and not just because they are desired. Again, an idealistic statement, but one that should be aspired to.

    17 May 2005, 19:55

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