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January 18, 2005

Are we ants?

Did anyone see the documentary exploring the physiological reasons as to why Einstein was so clever yesterday?
If you didn't, then in short, he had lots of extra neorone things that made the communication of thoughts in his brain work more efficiently, thus allowing him to learn faster and develop ideas faster. The same condition has been found in idiot savants – autistic people with communcation difficulties but also with an natural gift for things like maths or memory and the like.
If the level of our intelligence is determined largely by how our brain grows from birth rather than the input we feed it, then why dont we just look at this, tell people what they're gonna be best at in life cos we know they're gonna suck at some things and not at others and encourage them to lead a certain life that will benefit lotsa other people, just like how ants do by judging the size of the larvae at birth.

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