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April 29, 2005

This was on the front page of the Times yesterday…

Who edited that one?

Tuition fees

Mr Blair was waffling about his ideas on tuition fees last night and people were accusing other people of discriminating against some other people (the accusers presumably). Anyway, surely the fairest way is to charge everyone the same fee? That, by definition, is absolutely fair. There is no discrimination here because everyone is treated the same. Not even against the poorer people who "can't afford it", no.

It wouldn't be a case of everyone having to pay £1125 or whatever the full amount is at the moment, because at the moment 40% of undergraduates pay nothing at all towards tuition fees. So, if everyone paid the same amount, it would be at most £675. Nothing could be fairer than a flat fee.

Furthermore, if the governement weren't pushing to get half the population into tertiary education, fewer people would need to pay and more people would be in jobs with taxable incomes, so the figure of £675 would come down even more. Solved.

April 28, 2005


At Cov station customers lift, apparently. I don't know what they lift. Baggage, I presume.

April 21, 2005

Give me that marker pen…

At least on average it evens out.

April 19, 2005



Exams arriveth. MCT was this morning, which could have gone worse.

And news just in: exams this year will be over by 12:30pm on Saturday 28th May. That leaves a whole 4 weeks of term. Nice. But this means the 'summer' exams start on 16th May. And that isn't very far away really.

That's all for the moment.

April 09, 2005

American petrol prices

Writing about web page

Sorry, gas prices. Do you think they know it's actually liquid. Never mind.

Anyway, yeah, the Americans are complaining that $2.35 per gallon is too high. That's the equivalent to about 28p per litre. How do we put up our extremely high petrol prices? The current average is 85.6p per litre, a record high. And it seems they will go up a further 2p if Labour return for a third term. It's ridiculous.

April 05, 2005

1 month until the election…

…and 2 months until the end of exams (well, give or take).

I'm not too sure whether the latter observation is good or bad. The various polls suggest it's "Not too bad" at the moment. The Swingometer shows that all that's needed is a 5% swing in the direction of a 2:1. Can't be too much to ask.

My campaign (to get a job) is still going strong. This week should see it venture nationwide and not just within my constituency.

In other news, I love the way the PM has to personally go and ask Queenie whether parliament can go on another holiday so that there can be a general election. I also love the way it took 2 posh cars to drive him to her front door. He keeps on and on about the economy…

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

April 03, 2005

It's been a while…

…but I am still here.

Exams are looming. But at least I only have two in the first week back. Unfortunately this means I have five (I think) in the summer. I still need to deregister from Geometry because it's likely to be 3 weeks after the others and sitting an exam when everyone else is lounging around in the sun eating ice cream and playing frisbie would just be unfair.

Final thing: who would take small children to a Requiem Mass in St. Paul's?

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