May 08, 2005

Every little helps…

Errors aplenty. Tut.

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  1. Chris Doidge

    Grr….that sign has made me mad already. The last time I used it, apparently I had 11 items. Yes, 11. Because two doughnuts in one bag, weighed together equals two items.

    I wish I'd given the little fascist who came over and disciplined me in front of a queue of people a piece of my mind. Or rubbed the doughnut in her face.

    08 May 2005, 17:15

  2. Lucy Griffiths

    Just out of curiosity James, I was wondering if people ever looked at you in a strange way when you randomly start taking pictures in shops or public places of signs and other everyday objects (even if there are rather obvious errors on them)? I wanted to take a picture of a Grey Rover which had a tartan rug and cushion with a Yorkshire Terrier embroidered on it across its parcel shelf, as a sort of symbolic 'typical Rover driver', but was too chicken to stand behind the car in public and take a picture on my phone. It would have been a really funny picture too.

    08 May 2005, 21:27

  3. Chris, I can understand your annoyance. No, really I can.

    Lucy, when was the last time I stopped doing something just because I looked silly?

    09 May 2005, 08:51

  4. Lucy Griffiths

    Good point. You are a cellist after all ;-)

    09 May 2005, 23:56

  5. Are you annoyed at the sign because it only allows you to purchase n items, where n is less than or equal to 10, or are you annoyed because it says 'less' where it should be 'fewer'?

    Also, I think you've added a "Caroline's incorrect grammar due to dialect" filter, to the existing "Felicity" filter, as you no longer pick up on my spoken grammar mistakes. This is not a prompt for you to begin again.

    Perhaps grammar is changing. See David Hooley for his views on "The Great Clause Shift"...


    18 May 2005, 13:42

  6. It's the "fewer" thing… and while I was there I thought there should be a hyphen between "Self" and "Service" and thus the latter should lose its capitalisation. But never mind.

    Can't say I've noticed any grammatical errors emanating from your direction. Perhaps your grammar has improved. Congratulations!

    18 May 2005, 14:28

  7. 9/11 was an inside job

    Odd, that they assume the usual Tesco habituate zombies might look up from staring deep down into the abyss of their soul-less, piteous lives. Or perhaps drooling over their trolleys packed with unnecessary, over-packaged, ecologically disasterous poison. All the while desperately avoiding eye-contact with any of the other deluded denizens, for fear they may actually see themselves in the pathetic wretch that stares impassively back.

    Boycott Tesco – for the good of human kind!

    16 Nov 2006, 21:17

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