May 09, 2005

Courtesy of Mr Artus

Jon stumbled across this the other day:

and then today came up with his own version, which I rather like:


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  1. That's genius! Or, to prevent nouning our adjectives, a work thereof. When scrolling down, I became worried the man may have been me… Try looking at just the forehead without any eyes, and you may see what I mean.
    By the way, I listened to Cambridge University Radio's classical programmes tonight (scouting the opposition), which claim to be more interesting than Radio 3. Most of my interest stemmed from thinking about ways to kill myself after 20 minutes of "The Early Music Show". Apparently, instruments weren't invented before the Baroque era, as all the output is vocal. An example of the sparkling links:
    Him: "Mr x (Who you've never heard of) is, of course, best known for style y, which is typified by…."
    Me: "zzzzzzzz"
    Things perked up with the "Evening Concert" (Are these names copyrighted?), and I made a request for next week.
    You can listen on the archive if you wish. It's UCL at 10 o'clock.

    Anyway, back to the matter in hand – Can you make a big poster and replace Abi?

    09 May 2005, 21:20

  2. Caroline Molloy

    Yeah, the bloke who thinks he's Andy is much fitter than Abi (FILTH)


    09 May 2005, 23:15

  3. Andrew

    That of course should be "adjectivising our nouns" Apologies – I was tired and hurried…

    10 May 2005, 09:26

  4. Abi is NOT going anywhere.

    And to truly appreciate the fitness of her in that poster, one has to see the "sex masterclass" we all watched pissed ourselves to on Saturday night.

    She has folds.

    The world is a kind place.

    We could replace Abi and put up our 100 FHM girls in our preferred order (ie not putting bloody Kelly Brook first and Charlotte Church in the top 10 or wherever she was)...


    10 May 2005, 09:44

  5. Except they are on pages so you would have to reject half of them as they are on the back of other ones… That wasn't a very coherent sentence was it?

    10 May 2005, 09:49

  6. Abi is a virtual elephant of flabiness! With no arse. I personally learnt a lot from our educational viewing the other night and fully intend to buy a yellow feather bower and practice that stunning strip tease... In fact could we incorporate it into Figaro do you think? How about the Chicago routine for the Susanna, or via sortite trio??

    11 May 2005, 11:49

  7. Remove Abi.

    She is a stain upon the wall.

    Eva Longoria would be MUCH more appealing…

    18 May 2005, 13:37

  8. Caroline, don't understand the appeal of said woman. But if you'd like to decorate our lounge with more suitable posters then please, go ahead :o)

    18 May 2005, 14:24

  9. abi molloy

    oi caroline u bitch go fuck ur mum

    12 May 2006, 14:43

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