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July 25, 2005

The hidden costs of mobile phone roaming

I hope it's not just me who's been had by the hidden call costs of mobile phone roaming.

I realised today when I got my phone bill (and after 2 e-mails from O2 telling me the wrong thing) that when your phone diverts an incoming call to your voicemail (whether you've rejected it or even if you just missed the call) it charges you for that divert call back to the UK… At the standard rate of calling back to the UK, 85p per minute (then the same rate for each 15 seconds thereafter) with a minimum charge of 1 minute!

So when the person calling you realises that they've been diverted to your voicemail and hangs up, it leaves a big fat 85p on your phone bill. Even if it only took the caller 1 second to realise. I completely understand why but it ain't half annoying when you get your bill.

It turns out it would have been cheaper to receive the call in the first place (provided the resulting call lasted no longer than 54 seconds). God damn it.

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