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July 16, 2015

Week 52: There And Back Again

Saturday (04/07/2015):
Lazy Day.
Lent Hannah laptop on and off.

Lazy Day.
Played EDH with Kermit.

Bought boxes, for storage / shipping.
Tacos in the loft, with Meg, Leo, Kermit, Owen, Dayle, Matt, Tim, and Maddie.

Took Kermit to draft. Went 2-0-1, a good way to end Australian MtG for the year.

JP's with Ed and Mel.
Commander with Ed.
Pathfinder. Cavalier and Axebeak too diplomatic by far for Ed's scenario.
Commander with Callum and James.

Commenced packing.
Raramen with Jonathan, Cameron, Em, James, Meg, Morgan, Mikayla, Bec, and Issy. A very pleasant send-off.
Quick visit to the house to pick up a vacuum cleaner.

Final sweep of the room - all packed and ready.
Handed in keys.
Car packed and handed to Cameron for the year.
Hung around in the Common Room with Rachel, Hannah, Katie, and (briefly) Poppy.
Ed gave me a lift to ship my extra baggage, then on to the airport.
Battled through security and the Australian Border Force, then on the plane for the long flight home!

Thanks to everyone who made my time in Australia so memorable, and so much fun.

See you all in a year!

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